15 Meters padded gymnastics apparatus

15 meters padded gymnastics apparatus

The gymnastics club unterrodach (TVU) goes further modern ways, in order to demand the broad sport. The girls' gymnasts in particular benefit from a new gymnastics apparatus purchased by the market town and TVU. A 15 meter long and two meter wide "airtrack mat" (air cushion mat) brings energy and motivation to the training sessions.
At the presentation of the new council, the head of the club, the principal of the rodachtal elementary school and the mayor norbert grabner were impressed. The 2. Sylvia hanke, the chairwoman of the 820-member TVU and also the exercise director, together with the other exercise directors, harald kaiser and bettina muller, presented the "airtrack mat" to her gymnastics students before. For them, several thousand euros have been invested, but this will pay off in better training methods and even greater motivation. Above all, the popular flick-flack somersaults are now even more fun.

Supraregional competitions

the girls from TVU regularly take part in supra-regional competitions and have already achieved great successes. Now one wants to bring even more successes into the rodachtal, although success is not everything, but one trains because of the health and the motto is quite simply "to be there is everything"!
There is an agreement between the municipality and the TVU that the municipality will contribute 50 percent of the investment, the mayor mentioned, adding "finally, the school children of the rodachtal elementary school will also be able to benefit from the equipment and use it for school gymnastics".
This "airtrack-mat is an enhancement of gymnastics in the region, because it is certainly unique in the district of kronach at the moment, explained chairman hartmut fleischmann proudly and was pleased with his girls and the exercise leaders about the latest achievement for a modern, methodical training.

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