20-Year project in Weisendorf comes to an end

20-year project in weisendorf comes to an end

It’s finished, the through road of weisendorf. Shortly before the bavarian minister of the interior and transport, joachim herrmann (CSU), officially opened the traffic circle and the road, the bus shelter in front of the jagerhof had also been installed. As mayor alexander tritthart (CSU) emphasized in his speech, a 20-year discussion preceded it.
In the municipal council, too, the expansion of the local thoroughfare had caused many and often emotional debates, because the core of the village was also included in the expansion, because in addition to the funds from the state budget, there was also money from the city’s urban development budget. Mayor tritthart seemed almost relieved with joy about the completion. Therefore, the head of the municipality thanked not only the political representatives and the state building authority as well as the companies involved, but above all the residents and road users. Around 6000 vehicles pass through weisendorf every day, and since the new traffic lights and traffic circle, traffic jams have become a thing of the past.
The total cost of upgrading state roads 2263 and 2259 is around 2.1 million euros. With around 1.6 million euros, the state of freestate is bearing the lion’s share of the costs. In addition to the money from the state budget, this also includes funds from the city’s urban development program. The weisendorf market will pay around 450,000 euros for the project. In addition, the zema company contributed 70,000 euros to the project.
"We have thus significantly improved safety for all road users, especially for pedestrians", both the minister and the mayor emphasized. In the past year and a half, the market town of weisendorf and the state of bavaria have jointly carried out a large number of individual inspections. Two intersections were redesigned to make them safe for traffic, visibility was improved, and the sidewalks were renewed. In addition, two traffic lights were made barrier-free or retrofitted.
A rough section of the local thoroughfare was also rehabilitated. This significantly reduced the burden of larvae on residents, said tritthart. In the course of the tree removals, the weisendorf market also renewed several supply and disposal lines. Between the schwane intersection and the traffic circle at the junction of the main road with the hochstadter and auracher bergstrabe roads, the local thoroughfare was redesigned and equipped with crossing aids for pedestrians – also to make two new bakery branches accessible.
For the statement that the planning for the further expansion in the direction of grobenseebach has already started and that construction will begin in 2015 herrmann received spontaneous applause. In this context, too, the minister called on the two members of the state parliament alexandra hiersemann (SPD) and walter nussel (CSU) to raise more money in the state parliament. "We have more roads here that need to be renovated."

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