270 Years of the former synagogue in obernbreit

270 years of the former synagogue in obernbreit

It is probably thanks to a law that the former synagogue in obernbreit was able to celebrate its 270th anniversary this weekend. With coffee and cake in the afternoon, with good attendance and an exhibition, as well as a revue in the evening, the carrier and claim association former synagogue obernbreit celebrated the anniversary.

When in 1867 the immigration restrictions for jews were lifted, more and more of them moved from the villages to the cities. And so the jewish community in obernbreit, which at its height around 1830 made up about 13 percent of the population, was also becoming smaller and smaller. Until 1910, when the operation of a synagogue was no longer possible, the obernbreit congregation was incorporated into the marktbreit congregation and the building was sold. Thus it was protected in 1933 to the reichspogromnacht before raging mobs.

Few memories

Different uses, mainly agricultural and handicraft, interior remodeling – when the forderverein, founded especially for this purpose, bought the house in 2005, it was almost unchanged except for some wall breakthroughs from eaves. Inside, however, nothing more reminded of a synagogue. The barrel vaulting on the ceiling of the prayer room had been removed, the original room layout no longer existed. Actually, only the chuppa stone on the north facade reminded of the importance of the building.

Immersion pool uncovered

The real sensation was found deep inside the house: during the first interior work, the people of obernbreit discovered the ritual immersion bath, the mikveh, 45 steps below the house. As far as depth and state of preservation are concerned, unique in lower franconia.

In 2019, the former synagogue, which had been very carefully renovated, was reopened by the sponsors and supporters association as a "place of remembrance and encounter. Since then, it has mainly been used for cultural events, to receive guests from all over the world, or simply to celebrate appropriate occasions, such as the 270th anniversary of the house on sunday.

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