Adelsdorf also thinks of Uganda at the parish festival

700 years parish adelsdorf, parish festival and christi himmelfahrt were celebrated on thursday with a rough parish festival in the church parish of st.St. Stephen's day celebrated. The highlight was the auction of pictures, at which pastor thomas ringer, a shrewd auctioneer, was able to put 770 euros into the account for the organ, which cost a total of 350,000 euros.

The day began with a festive service, which was framed by the orffgruppe der barmherzigen bruder gremsdorf – on the organ sab rudolf kiebling. At the beginning of the service, pastor thomas ringer asked a young churchgoer what feast was being celebrated today, and he answered proudly: "father's day!"

From "hans-look-in-the-air the believers learned in the sermon. "But it is better to look at his path and not only upwards!", the clergyman. "Jesus is not found above – he is in the midst of us! We need christians who look to the right and to the left and not only upwards", emphasized pastor ringer. "Ascension is not only understood by those who look to the sky!"

In a short time lapse, starting from the leg house around the year 1313 up to the today's parish community adelsdorf-aisch-zeckern, the time journey went into the 700-year past, presented by children and members of the liturgy and family committees.

Auction and wheel of fortune
At lunch in the parish garden, everyone had to be patient, no matter how hungry they were, because there was a long queue to wait. But it was worth it: the guests enjoyed the good food, the delicious cakes and pies, hot and cold drinks, and many took the opportunity to talk to pastor ringer.

Everyone was eagerly awaiting the auction of paintings by adelsdorf artist manuela keller-denzler. Pastor ringer proved to be an excellent auctioneer, who knew how to keep the auction exciting until the very end. At the fifth picture he almost surpassed himself and in total the proud sum of 770 euro was collected.

Another attraction was the wheel of fortune of the missionary circle, which was spinning for the benefit of a hospital in the diocese of massaka in uganda.

The new church caretaker gunther muller, took this as an opportunity to thank the private donors from adelsdorf, but also from hannberg, who have been caring for this place for many years. Together with his wife and two people from hannberg, he will fly to uganda and bring the "turned in" donation from the parish festival money with.

In addition, he has a street sign "adelsdorf street and a collage of pictures of adelsdorf in the pack. "The mayor of massaka names a street there with the name of our community and so that people have an idea of our place, the adelsdorf picture is included, which is hung up in the hospital ward!", says muller. The sign is a gift from the community of adelsdorf. Mayor karsten fischkal () increased the glucksrad amount to 500 euro.

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