Algeria: no end to protests despite Bouteflika’s resignation

Algeria: no end to protests despite bouteflika's resignation

For the eighth friday in a row, thousands of people took to the streets in algeria to protest against the government. Despite the resignation of long-time president abdelaziz bouteflika last week, people demanded fundamental democratic reforms.

Clashes erupt between demonstrators and police in the capital algiers. The security forces used trangas and water cannons.

According to the general directorate of national security, 27 police officers were injured, four of them seriously. 108 people have been arrested. The authorities said they had thrown stones at police officers and damaged several police cars.

Prominent opposition figure mustapha bouchachi stressed at a rally on friday that the demonstrators’ demands had not yet been met. "The people are clear: the current transition must be led by men and women who are accepted by the algerian people."

Earlier this week, parliament appointed 77-year-old abdelkader bensalah as interim president. He is considered to be a danger to the resigned president bouteflika. Bensalah set a new presidential election for the 4. July to.

The people of algeria are protesting against what they see as a corrupt economic and power elite running the country’s fortunes. Several million people have temporarily gone on the streets in the coarse african country.

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