Alice schwarzer: much remains to be done

Alice schwarzer: much remains to be done

Women still feel disadvantaged – in terms of earnings and in church contexts especially. And 39 percent think chancellor angela merkel is not doing enough for them. According to a survey, the old feminist alice schwarzer as editor of the magazine "emma" 61 percent said that they had to organize themselves more effectively.

World champion in organizing

because alice schwarzer is just as well known for her clear opinions as the institute for opinion polls in allensbach is for its seriousness, it is clear that women do not want angela merkel to give them more support in sitting out in general or in doing household chores in particular. Because so-called female work is still stuck to the supposedly weak sex. And so women are certainly world champions when it comes to balancing work, family, friends and caring for close relatives.

The work of women is self-evident

the fact that many of them do not get the recognition they deserve may be due to the fact that women make far too little fuss about their achievements. But it may also be due to the fact that women’s work is taken for granted. Neither alice schwarzer nor a survey can change that.

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