Andreas eisenmann disappears in a trade

Andreas eisenmann disappears in a trade

Roughly was the disenchantment on wednesday evening after bayern kitzingen’s defeat against sander reserve not only among the defeated, but also among the kickers of spvgg gulchsheim. Because they had hoped for a win by the district league team in order to be allowed to advance to the district league themselves. Thus the "red devils" stand after only one defeat in in this season likewise with empty hands there and must after the break again in the circle class ran.

Ten minutes ruin the season

"In the end, it was actually ten minutes against the SG oberpleichfeld/dipbach/prosselsheim that ruined an entire round for us," argues gulchsheim’s captain andreas eisenmann. In no previous match of the season had the runners-up in the wurzburg 2 district league allowed more than two goals against. But in the most important game of all, the spvgg defense made three serious mistakes that decided the match in favor of the spielgemeinschaft – the "red devils" were leading 2:0.

Two games two defeats

But the gulchsheimers got a second chance. For this, only SV erlenbach am main had to stay in the landesliga or bayern kitzingen had to move up to the bezirksliga. But both the erlenbacher lost on saturday against baiersdorf and the kitzinger in aschaffenburg against the FC sudring . "Two of the three possibilities were gone," says eisenmann, who was on site for the duels.

Does the winner really rise?

Gulchsheim and retzstadt played a game on sunday in which it was not clear whether the winner would actually be promoted to the district league. "Some boys had already booked a vacation for whitsun. We couldn’t wait," says spvgg coach tobias schmidt, who himself traveled from switzerland, explaining the desire to play on sunday already. After the 5:1 victory, all eyes turned to brunnau, where the bavarians had to play sand II .

"Our hopes became more and more coarse after the bavarians played a good first half," said eisenmann, who was with the bulk of his teammates – coach schmidt was always informed via liveticker – in the prichsenstadt suburb of sab. Even chanting from the gulchsheim corner switched over the sports field. But they fell silent as the game wore on and sander’s lead held until the end.

Rough humiliation

The humiliation was rough at the end of the game. "It’s just bitter and brutal that we didn’t make it," says eisenmann, who leaves the club with mixed feelings. He was happy to say goodbye to unterpleichfeld "with the perfect ending". But the gulchsheimers will also have to play in the – then stronger – district class next season. "Disappointments are part and parcel of sport. We have played a great season. We’ll build on that," says trainer schmidt, who doesn’t want to spend too long on gloom.

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