Animal art

Animal art

When people can’t do it, the animals have to do it. To raise money for a new lowen enclosure, animals at the heidelberg zoo have painted pictures that have now been auctioned off – with great success.

The example should set a precedent. The first place to go is the financial sector. There have already been studies in which monkeys were given the task of deciding whether to buy or sell shares. They did not come off worse than the so-called experts of the genus homo sapiens. Bonus payments were no longer a problem, since they were no longer measured in millions of euros but in kilos of bananas. So it would be a good solution for countries like germany, where the citizens can’t limit these bonuses by referendum like the swiss do now.

And of course politics: where decisions are made according to the principle of trial and error, because the expertise is lacking, one can confidently leave the business to the animals. Some politicians already call their opponents by animal names.

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