Welcome to the dictatorship

Sheikh" led in style christian toma through the funny and varied program and got support from pia messerschmitt. "Welcome to the dictatorship" – this poster was used to bury the teachers who took part in the examinations that the graduates had devised for them.
The varied games made also the audience very much fun and provided for rough enthusiasm. The teachers also enjoyed the abischerz, and sussner took the opportunity to dance the abituria 2012 veil as "belly dancer layla" to the sounds of "fata morgana" and to provide for rough amusement the first general uncertainty.
The other teachers were also challenged. The challenge was to get the ball into the goal in a human tipp-kick. Pantomime talent was also required when the teachers had to act out various terms to the schoolchildren. In the "camel race was condition demanded, the sandcastle building as competition discipline was also funny. There was also the task of making drawings of teaching staff under time pressure – these then had to be sold to the highest bidder by the teaching staff in the city. Both teachers and students had a great time at the abischz, the weather also cooperated and so "abudhabi" will for the participants will be remembered for a long time. Especially to the teachers who had lost a competition. In keeping with the theme, they had to compete as "camels" in the "stable" lingered until they were auctioned off to the highest bidder at the end of the abischerz – a wonderful spab.
"The dance was great, the games were creative – everything was great", school principal joachim schwigon, who also took part in the abischerz and – like all the other visitors – was first painted with paint for the funeral, said enthusiastically. Teacher margot dorr, who had to compete against her colleague heidrun wagner-hack at the abischz, enjoyed it just as much. "The abischerz was successful and the weather also played along", so the teacher. In the afternoon, the traditional "glockleslauten" was concluded to. On wednesday, the 2019 high school graduation team will compete against the teacher's team in soccer.


Clinic for cuddly animals opens three days in erlangen

A teddy bar clinic will be set up in erlangen’s castle garden next week. If a cuddly toy swallows a lego brick or burns its paw in a child’s cake, the 4. Up to 6. June to the consultation hours student teddy doctors the patients, announced the friedrich-alexander-universitat (FAU) on monday.

The teddy bar hospital, which is already being set up for the eleventh time, is intended to teach children in a playful way how a visit to the doctor works, according to a press release. It could take away possible fears and help them to build up trust in doctors.


With all means against building area

The fact that the sermon on the mountain became a topic of the council meeting, even if only in passing, was due to michael neubert, the founder of the initiative "schutzt das lillachtal" (protect the lillach valley). He liked that the municipality builds a mary chapel. But not in miniature, as stated on the agenda and criticized by him, but in smaller replica of the weibenoher monastery.

Weibenohe attracts with the lillachtal annually more and more hikers to hike to the lillinger fountain. The location for the chapel – the newly designated building area weber – let due to the mountain slope with protected flora and fauna the schopfung celebrate and bring abruptly the mountain sermon in mind.


“Boulder from the heart”: ski jumping mixed conquers gold

Complete explosion of funds after the fulfillment of a childhood dream:

The german ski jumping mixed team around katharina althaus and karl geiger from oberstdorf has caused a huge surprise with gold at the home world championships in allgau, leaving even the favorites norway and austria behind. "That is extremely surprising. We have hoped to be able to jump for a medal. That we win gold is fantastic," said manner national coach stefan horngacher. Women’s coach andreas bauer said on ARD: "I am very proud of the girls. A boulder has fallen from my heart."


Forchheimer stadtfest: satisfied organizers, delighted landlords and blocked streets

Forchheimer stadtfest: satisfied organizers, delighted landlords and blocked streets

"The courage to redesign the forchheimer stadtfest has been rewarded", innkeeper christoph kauer is pleased. After four sunny days in forchheim, the organizers draw a thoroughly positive conclusion. From ascension day to sunday, a wide range of music and events with eight stages and eleven food and attraction stands attracted numerous guests to the city center. "The party was glorious. The concept, which was aimed at everyone, has worked", stresses manfred schade of the "heimforteil" association of handlers. "The many visitors who strolled through the city center on thursday show that it was a very popular festival."

Peaceful festival in forchheim

The city festival has established forchheim as a "brand" made better known and the whole city benefits from it. Schade has many "unknown faces" the czech people presented a folk tale called "the coarse rube". This speaks for the fact that the festival has gained supra-regional fame. The varied program in particular sets the new town festival apart from other "overcrowded beer festivals" from.


20-Year project in Weisendorf comes to an end

20-year project in weisendorf comes to an end

It’s finished, the through road of weisendorf. Shortly before the bavarian minister of the interior and transport, joachim herrmann (CSU), officially opened the traffic circle and the road, the bus shelter in front of the jagerhof had also been installed. As mayor alexander tritthart (CSU) emphasized in his speech, a 20-year discussion preceded it.
In the municipal council, too, the expansion of the local thoroughfare had caused many and often emotional debates, because the core of the village was also included in the expansion, because in addition to the funds from the state budget, there was also money from the city’s urban development budget. Mayor tritthart seemed almost relieved with joy about the completion. Therefore, the head of the municipality thanked not only the political representatives and the state building authority as well as the companies involved, but above all the residents and road users. Around 6000 vehicles pass through weisendorf every day, and since the new traffic lights and traffic circle, traffic jams have become a thing of the past.
The total cost of upgrading state roads 2263 and 2259 is around 2.1 million euros. With around 1.6 million euros, the state of freestate is bearing the lion’s share of the costs. In addition to the money from the state budget, this also includes funds from the city’s urban development program. The weisendorf market will pay around 450,000 euros for the project. In addition, the zema company contributed 70,000 euros to the project.
"We have thus significantly improved safety for all road users, especially for pedestrians", both the minister and the mayor emphasized. In the past year and a half, the market town of weisendorf and the state of bavaria have jointly carried out a large number of individual inspections. Two intersections were redesigned to make them safe for traffic, visibility was improved, and the sidewalks were renewed. In addition, two traffic lights were made barrier-free or retrofitted.
A rough section of the local thoroughfare was also rehabilitated. This significantly reduced the burden of larvae on residents, said tritthart. In the course of the tree removals, the weisendorf market also renewed several supply and disposal lines. Between the schwane intersection and the traffic circle at the junction of the main road with the hochstadter and auracher bergstrabe roads, the local thoroughfare was redesigned and equipped with crossing aids for pedestrians – also to make two new bakery branches accessible.
For the statement that the planning for the further expansion in the direction of grobenseebach has already started and that construction will begin in 2015 herrmann received spontaneous applause. In this context, too, the minister called on the two members of the state parliament alexandra hiersemann (SPD) and walter nussel (CSU) to raise more money in the state parliament. "We have more roads here that need to be renovated."


Controls for safety

Targeted checks are carried out on motorcyclists in the month of july. The bavarian ministry of the interior and integration initiated a bavarian-wide motorcycle safety campaign in july, particularly to reduce the number of accidents involving motorcyclists. Ten motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents on the roads in the area of the police headquarters in lower franconia in 2017. In nine of these accidents, the motorcyclist was mainly responsible and to be regarded as the cause of the accident, it says in a press release of the prasidium. In total, there were 614 accidents involving motorcyclists, in which 550 motorcyclists were injured, some of them seriously. The main cause of accidents continues to be excessive or inappropriate speed.
Due to weather conditions, the main accidents naturally occur in the months of april to october, especially on country roads in the lower franconia region.
The lamb load caused by motorcyclists is also playing an ever greater role. Particularly problematic is the fact that some drivers drive at very high speeds on the road and exhaust pipes are manipulated to make the "sound" to change. But the way he drove also played a role. In order to reduce the number of traffic accidents involving motorcyclists, to improve motorcycle safety in general, but also to combat the particular problem of manipulated motorcycles, the bavarian ministry of the interior and integration has planned a bavarian-wide campaign for the month of july.
In the context of the traffic controls the consequences of the disregard and the necessity of the traffic supervision are to be made clear to the concerning in particular. This should cause a change in behavior among motorcyclists and reduce the number of accidents. All lower franconian services will take part in the campaign and will carry out targeted traffic checks throughout july, it continues.


Pictures of a friendship

In the hope of good weather, painters from the czech republic, poland and germany will once again be present with easel and brush at various locations in the district this week at the invitation of the erlangen-hochstadt/tarnowskie gory circle of friends, where they will capture special views and capture them on paper. Maria stawik-hohlriegel was responsible for the planning and the artistic direction of the project. The mutual international open-air painting takes place in the annual rhythm alternately in the polish partner county tarnowskie gory and in the county erlangen-hochstadt.
The aim of the open-air painting is to achieve a closer cooperation of the invited artists from the friendly counties, as well as the exchange of professional knowledge and techniques during the creation. Another goal is to popularize the architecture and natural beauty of the communities in the district of erlangen-hochstadt and in franconia through the artworks that are created during the outdoor painting. Furthermore, local cultural initiatives should be called for, as well as a presentation and active promotion of the towns and communities of the district of erlangen-hochstadt and franconia on the tourist and cultural map in poland, the czech republic and germany should be achieved, said maria stawik-hohlriegel.

The number of participants is increasing

It was necessary to make arrangements with district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) and the respective mayors, to find suitable locations with motifs for the painters, and to secure supplies. In addition, each artist receives a t-shirt with the inscription "artistic look with brush and easel. International outdoor painting june-june 2018 in the district erlangen-hochstadt."
The open-air painters are accommodated in the hotel rangau in dechsendorf, where they were also buried by manfred bachmayer, the chairman of the erlangen-hochstadt/tarnowskie gory circle of friends, and his deputy martin oberle. Bachmayer was pleased to note that the number of participants has increased since the first time in 2012. This action was created on the initiative of the circle of friends. In the meantime, the campaign has met with a good response in both counties, many contacts and friendships have been established, and artworks in the upper three-digit range have been created. The artists have become a close-knit community. From 8. Until 18. July some of them meet in poland and from 5. Until 10. August in the czech republic.


Amd cuts jobs after business slump

Amd cuts jobs after business slump

There was a loss of 157 million dollars after a profit of 97 million dollars a year ago. Now 15 percent of jobs are to be cut, the company announced after the US stock market closed on thursday. AMD recently had around 11,000 employees.

This means that the job cuts are somewhat smaller than recently speculated. In u.S. Media reports, rough orders of magnitude between 20 and 30 percent had been mentioned over the weekend. However, it is not over yet: in the first half of 2013 there will be further steps for restructuring, AMD announced. The rebuild could entail a "considerable" financial burden – a sign that it could be a radical action.


Syria’s president assad sees his country in state of war

syria's president assad sees his country in state of war

"All our policies, orders and all areas will be aimed at winning this war," he said during a speech to the new cabinet in damascus, according to reports by the state news agency sana. According to activists, at least 87 civilians were killed in fighting and attacks by government forces across the country on the same day. In addition, he said, a total of 49 insurgent fighters and government soldiers were killed.

Meanwhile, the shooting down of a turkish military jet by syrian forces has alarmed international diplomacy. Nato and turkey issued strong warnings to assad regime. In a special meeting of the nato council requested by turkey, the alliance condemned the shootdown as "unacceptable". Such a military action must not be repeated, it said in brussels on tuesday.