Spectacular footage from the cold north

Spectacular footage from the cold north

Rough climate, wildly romantic landscapes, archaic scenes: iceland has its very own charm that inspires artists again and again. And of course photographers.

Bianca ullrich belongs to the latter group. The photographer from the district of kronach has traveled to the island in the cold north and brought back impressive pictures.


Henkel goes on a takeover course

Henkel goes on a takeover course

"We will invest in acquisitions," chief executive kasper rorsted said friday at the presentation of new medium-term financial targets in london. The dusseldorf-based group has significantly reduced its debt since 2008 from around 4 billion to a good 600 million euros. Growth could be accelerated with additional purchases.

According to the new financial targets, henkel would retain all three divisions: adhesives (pritt, pattex), detergents (persil, spee) and cosmetics (schwarzkopf, fa). Chief financial officer carsten knobel put the group’s general financing scope – including for acquisitions – at three billion euros. This still tends to increase. "But we are not buying for the sake of buying, but to generate growth for the future," he said.


Fight between turks and kurds in herne

Fight between Turks and Kurds in herne

"They had batons with them, slats," a police spokesman said on tuesday. In addition, a knife is said to have been displayed during the brawl on monday evening, but it was not used. According to the current state of the investigation, one person was slightly injured.

According to their own statements, the officers were on the scene with "strong forces" from the riot police, among others, in order to bring the situation under control. The officers had used pepper spray, the spokesman said. After the breakup of the brawl, the colleagues had shown their presence for a long time. Percussion tools and blank guns were seized.


40 Years in the business

Angela turk has been working as an optician in the family business of optik kollmer in bad kissingen for 40 years. Owner jochen kollmer thanked her for her many years of loyalty: "i am proud that mrs. Turk has remained loyal to our company for so long."

After elementary school and her first years at high school, angela poschel, who was born in krefeld, came to bad kissingen. After completing her secondary education at the local high school, she began her apprenticeship as an optician in 1977 at optik denk, whose owner, now deceased, was the uncle of her current boss, jochen kollmer. After completing his training, turk worked for optik semmel in schweinfurt for a few months until march 1981, but changed jobs on 1 january 1981. April 1981 to optik kollmer, whose owner at the time, manfred kollmer, was pleased with the professional support.


Kronach district: van crashes into oncoming traffic on b303 – one seriously injured

kronach district: van crashes into oncoming traffic on b303 - one seriously injured

On monday morning, the fire department had to rescue a seriously injured driver from the wreckage of a pickup truck in the district of kronach. The car was about 8.10 o'clock collided head-on with a truck.

According to the initial findings of the police, the truck was driving on federal highway 303 in the direction of weidhausen when, for reasons that are still unclear, the oncoming van drifted into its lane shortly before the beikheim exit. The 57-year-old truck driver was uninjured, the 28-year-old passenger of the van suffered minor injuries. The accident was worse for the driver of the transporter. It took a long time and a great deal of effort on the part of the rescuers to get him out of his totally demolished vehicle. The severely injured 20-year-old was then taken to a hospital by rescue helicopter.


Star wedding in india with beyonce and clinton

star wedding in india with beyonce and clinton

It’s wedding season in india, and nothing is more important to indian families than getting their children hitched. The main point is to bring together families that match in terms of social class and level in the caste system.

If such a union succeeds, it is celebrated as lavishly as possible. So if you can afford to fly in the biggest pop star on the planet to perform at a pre-wedding party, you do it.


Teuro, crises, golden dm: the euro has been around for 15 years

Teuro, crises, golden dm: the euro has been around for 15 years

The small plastic bags – called starter kits – were available on the 1. January 2002 the topic of conversation: they contained 20 coins, exactly 10.23 euros. The equivalent of 20 D-marks. 15 years ago, people in germany held the euro in their hands for the first time.

And what has happened since then: the euro came into disrepute as the teuro, the euro crisis caused uncertainty about seven years ago. That's why some of them wished for the D-mark back. By the way, the afd made headlines for the first time a few years ago with its demand to return to the old truth.


Death driver of Eppendorf breaks his silence

Death driver of eppendorf breaks his silence

However, the plaintiff does not believe his partly evasive statements. "I’m unspeakably sorry," he said before the hamburg district court. He turned especially to the three sons of the actor dietmar mues, who appear before the court as a side plaintiff. "I beg your pardon, but could not forgive myself in your place."

In the serious accident on 12. March 2011, four people were killed, including the actor dietmar mues and his wife and the social researcher gunter amendt. The defendant admitted to having had epileptic seizures in the past. At the same time, however, the 40-year-old vehemently denied that he was epileptic – although he has been taking medication against it for years. The "tragic event" in eppendorf came "out of the blue" for him.


In the coburg district, exit restrictions are imminent

The incidence value of the coburg district is currently – as of 3. December – at 298.6. From a value of 300, the applicable safety measures must be tightened up. This is what the legislator wants.

Preparations are therefore already underway at the coburg district office. It is expected that – after reaching the value of 300 – there will be further restrictions, especially in the school sector and in public life. Concretely: alternating lessons already from the 5. The first grade (at present, this only applies from the 8th grade onwards). Year) as well as strict exit restrictions, as in the case of the lockdown in the spring.