Bacteria lurk in the coburg lakes and ponds

The sign leaves no doubt that no one should swim in goldbergsee now. Blue-green algae in water can cause health problems. Generally, it is not advisable to venture into open water at this time, warn authorities and biologists.
The goldberg lake in the city area is the only bathing lake in the region. "There is not a single swimming lake in the coburg district", explains dieter pillmann, press spokesman for the district office. At the froschgrundsee a lawn for sunbathing and a bathing area were created when it was built. But it has not been designated as a bathing lake for years, and its water quality is constantly monitored. Similar to the fischbacher pond, formerly a popular bathing place. Its deep-grun-trubes water no longer invites you to plunge into the floods.
In general, it is not forbidden to swim in open water, according to the water management office. The bavarian water act regulates this under the term "common use" in section 18: "any person may (…) as far as it can be done without illegal use of other people's land and as far as a considerable impairment of the water and its banks as well as of the fauna and flora is not to be expected, use above-ground waters for bathing, washing, drinking, washing, scooping with hand tools, operation of model boats without combustion engines, ice sports and driving with small vehicles without own motive power, outside of reed and cane stands."


by law, this does not apply to "water in courtyards, gardens, parks and industrial facilities, if they belong to the owners of these properties or facilities, as well as to drainable ponds used exclusively for fish farming." because such things are not always immediately obvious, there are not many ponds left for spontaneous refreshment in nature anyway.
In general, biologist frank reibenweber advises caution. "The high temperatures cause bacteria to proliferate, not only cyanobacteria, which most people know as blue-green algae, but also coli bacteria, for example." so there is generally some health risk in open water at these temperatures. Warming of water becomes critical at 28 degrees celsius, says biologist. Then a fish mortality is expected for the species that need cooler water. In the itz at present values of up to 22 degrees are measured. The main river was already up to 24 degrees in places – and there is no sign of the heat abating yet. The water level is dropping, which is what warming demands.
If you really want to go into the water in the open air, you should be careful. The waldbad in bad rodach offers a compromise between an infrastructure like that of an open-air swimming pool and water that is still very natural.

Safe only in the bathroom

those who want to be completely safe from blue-green algae are still well advised to visit the public outdoor swimming pools in the region, even if they will probably have to share the pleasure of bathing there with quite a few like-minded people.

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