Bad bruckenau: the town council gives the go-ahead for the cycle path

It was an engaging debate that the city council held on the bike path. Traffic officer karlheinz schmitt (CSU) was the first city councilor to speak up. On his vacation, he saw a bike path that ran directly along the road as a traffic lane. His conclusion: "so we have a very safe bike lane". After all, the road is also demarcated by a curb from the rhonexpress rail bike path.

He also said that the bike path had only been moved to make room for parking spaces along robert-katzer-weg. They were urgently needed for the thermal spa sinnflut. "You have to make compromises somewhere", said schmitt. In addition, a structural demarcation would rather increase the danger: cyclists could get stuck on a lander with their handlebars and cars with their rearview mirror. This estimate is in line with the opinion of the german bicycle club (ADFC), which was submitted to the city council.

Benjamin wildenauer, spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, did not want to let this stand. He said there is a difference between a lane for bicycles and a bike path marketed for tourism on an old railroad track. The city has the "talent" again proved "a beautiful thing with a little thing to the ridiculousness". He also renewed criticism that the city council had decided on the relocation on its own authority. "There had certainly been other possibilities, if one had talked about it", he said.

Idea of a bluhstreifen

Adelheid zimmermann, spokeswoman for the free burghers and FDP (FB/FDP) parliamentary group, suggested creating a strip of road surface between the road and the cycle path. This meant that the newly built bicycle path had to be torn down again. When the parking lots were built on robert-katzer-weg, the bike path had to be widened anyway to keep clearances, she said.

Several times heribert jakobsche (PWG) asked when the administration would finally present the plan for the land to the city council. The discussion about the relocation of the bike path was finally a year ago. Until the entire area is redesigned, he suggested, the bike path could be moved to robert-katzer-weg, so that the traffic jam directly on the bypass is eliminated. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) explained that the talks on the rehabilitation of the sinnflut are not yet finished. Therefore, it could not yet present a plan.

Second mayor jurgen pfister (PWG) made it clear: "even if the ADFC sees it differently – I have my doubts about it." he absolutely insists on a structural demarcation, since the cycle path is already very well accepted and it is foreseeable that the increasing number of e-bike riders will increase the potential danger even more. Dirk stumpe (PWG), who had originally submitted the application for a structural boundary, said he was saddened that nothing had happened for a year. He summed up the crux of the matter: "the way the bike path is built now is legally permissible. But that’s not the point. It’s about the burger’s sense of security."

The result is clear

Zimmermann moved that the agenda item be postponed and that the cost of a blood strip be inquired about until the next meeting. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) reacted in two ways: on the one hand, she liked the idea of laying out a strip of bluh. On the other hand, however, it did not want to delay a decision any longer. Manfred kaiser (CSU) could only attribute an "alibi function" to a blood strip winnow. Kurt abersfelder referred to steep slopes in the area of wildflecken and oberbach: "nobody talks about that. Only in bad bruckenau everything is talked to pieces."

Before tempers flared any further, the council voted. By a vote of 11 to 8, they renewed their decision to create a structural demarcation between the bike path and the street. The administration is now accepting proposals until the next meeting, how one could look like. You could also simply put up a gelander, as it can already be found at some places on the bike path.

Point by point from the city council:

Station land on friday, 27. September, all citizens are invited to a workshop on the design of the area around the former train station. Dirk stumpe (PWG) suggested posting the plans in advance or putting them on the internet so that the people of burgenland can start thinking about them. The mayor found this idea good. The workshop starts at 7 pm in the georgi hall.

Power line mayor brigitte meyerdierks called for signatures to be added to the lists of signatures against the planned p 43 alternating current power line at the citizens’ office. The pipeline is to run from mecklar via dipperz near fulda to bergrheinfeld and will most likely cross the district of bad kissingen.

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