Bad bruckenau: with high motivation

Bad bruckenau: with high motivation

He is the man about whom many people in bad bruckenau say he is simply running for the wrong party: jan marberg (31), SPD, head of the cultural office and skater. As a teenager, he and his friends knocked on the door of the mayor of his hometown. The young people wanted a special ramp for their sport. "In april was the talk, in august was the ramp. I thought that was great", he says. Now he wants to become such a mayor himself, he says. He presented 30 concrete goals for it.

Jan marberg wanted to create a multigenerational house, introduce a citizens’ budget and lay fiber optics to the curb. He wants the city to focus on environmentally friendly means of transport and offer them for rent, including e-cars. He calls for a separate location campaign "i believe that county marketing is of no use to us in the long run" – and sees the relationship with the state baths as in need of improvement. "We must create an offer that will bring us on a par with the state baths", he emphasizes.

His five immediate takeaways: restoring georgi park; warm street lighting; children as playground planners; wi-fi in the city center; publishing the city budget in descriptive diagrams on the internet. He has already proven that he is a strong advocate for his concerns: since april 2018, he has been calling for a new location for the library in order to be able to offer more services – so far in vain.

Role model: willy brandt

But why the SPD? "Willy brandt. The core values of the SPD and willy brandt", the mayoral candidate answers. The former chancellor’s genuflection in warsaw made a deep impression on him, as did his ability to bring people together. He joined the party at the age of 19. Then he still thought he was going to study politics. Things turned out differently. Marberg failed his school-leaving exam because he flunked a math test. Instead he became a librarian, head of the cultural office, candidate for mayor. "I have a high level of motivation," he, he says about himself.

Does the young man feel at home in bad bruckenau?? Marberg reflects briefly. "Yes." he became stay? "It all depends on the career perspective." and by that he does not mean whether he will be elected as mayor. "I don’t expect to win this election." rather, he wants to appeal to as many citizens as possible with his ideas. For him, the future of the library is crucial – no matter under which mayor. "I am far from finished here."

Three questions for jan marberg

Why are you suitable as mayor of bad bruckenau??

Jan marberg: my work as head of the city’s cultural office is shaped by numerous projects running in parallel. For this, perseverance and concentration are necessary. I therefore work daily on my physical condition and my balance by doing sports or playing music. Through my job, I am well connected in the town, and last but not least, I have innovative ideas that I can present to the townspeople.

What is your solution for the gangway zone??

My goal is to redevelop the fubganger zone. This includes, among other things, a new floor, a lighting concept, lounge and play furniture as well as a comprehensive greening. The automobile traffic should be banned gradually. In order to have all citizens with their wishes and expectations on board, I am in favor of a citizens’ workshop in advance. In addition, a multigenerational house is to be built with a youth room, rooms for clubs and active seniors, and the new city library. This house can not only bundle resources, but is also ideally a "frequency generator", who makes people curious and keeps them coming back to the fubganger zone.

What uncomfortable decisions must the citizens be prepared for in the event of their election victory??

The medical center has my full support to be built in georgi park as planned. I’m betting on the fact that we simultaneously auerten the park and thus form a coherent ensemble. In addition, the demand for gradual banishment of automobile traffic from the fubganger zone will certainly not please everyone. But from my point of view it is a chance to sustainably increase the quality of stay there.

About the person

Vita jan marberg was born in 1988 in dormagen, just outside koln. He grew up in hochstadt in the fichtelgebirge mountains. In germering, he trained as a specialist for media and information services with a focus on libraries. After working in the library in hochberg and for five years in the municipal library in neufahrn, he applied to the city of bad bruckenau to become head of the cultural department. Since november 2017, she has been responsible for the city library, the city archive and cultural activities.

Amter jan marberg is deputy chairman of the local SPD association and is a member of the board of the fruit and gardening association.

Interests jan marberg is interested in music, sports, politics and contemporary history. He kicks for TSV volkers and plays several instruments.

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