“Boulder from the heart”: ski jumping mixed conquers gold

Complete explosion of funds after the fulfillment of a childhood dream:

The german ski jumping mixed team around katharina althaus and karl geiger from oberstdorf has caused a huge surprise with gold at the home world championships in allgau, leaving even the favorites norway and austria behind. "That is extremely surprising. We have hoped to be able to jump for a medal. That we win gold is fantastic," said manner national coach stefan horngacher. Women’s coach andreas bauer said on ARD: "I am very proud of the girls. A boulder has fallen from my heart."

Geiger, althaus, markus eisenbichler and anna rupprecht were all smiling at each other at the end of the schattenberg ski jump after the triumph that no one had expected to happen. "For us there was only something to win, that’s what we did," said horngacher. The completely happy althaus hopped like a bouncy ball through the run-out in her hometown, for silver winner geiger it was the next huge triumph in his home stadium, which was empty due to corona crowds. "Simply fantastic" is what althaus called the coup.

Geiger and eisenbichler, who have already experienced a number of successes in their careers, were also pleased with themselves. "It’s really indescribable. We all really pulled together, it was incredible," said geiger. The entire quartet did a "brutal job". Eisenbichler, who even saw germany as a "brutal aubenseiter", told of a little motivational speech he had given before the competition to the two teammates althaus and rupprecht, who had previously been weak at the world championships.

At the end of the first week of the world championships, fur germany continued its remarkable winning streak in the mixed team, in which two women and two men each jump off the hill. In 2015 in falun, sweden, in 2017 in lahti, finland, and in 2019 in seefeld, austria, there had also been the world championship title in each case. Eisenbichler (2017 and 2019) as well as althaus (2015 and 2019) were each at the title twice before, geiger two years ago in tirol. For rupprecht it is the first world championship title. "The medal feels extremely good," said eisenbichler, who has nothing planned for the rest day on monday: "relax. Sleep in."

Like his colleague geiger, althaus also fulfilled a dream in his own town with just 10 points.000 residents. "No one had expected us. We had such an outsider role. I can’t believe that things are going this way. To win a medal at home beats so many things," said the 24-year-old. Althaus held out the prospect of a "glass of champagne or beer

She had suddenly found her top form again in time for the mixed competition after poor performances this week and gave the german quartet plenty of confidence with jumps of 104 and 99.5 meters. Eisenbichler (100 and 98.5 meters) and rupprecht (92.5 and 98.5 meters) also improved after poor performances on the normal hill. "There’s something in there today. I don’t know what to say or what to think right now. I’m grateful to the coaches for giving me the confidence," said "eisei.

Geiger kept his high level from the day before, when he won silver in the individual with 103,5 and 102 meters. This time the allgauer jumped twice 99.5 meters and secured the gold medal in the last of eight rounds. Norway was only second despite dominator halvor egner granerud and olympic champion maren lundby. In austria, the two mannerists in particular were unable to keep up with the german duo. When geiger brought the victory over the finish line, there was pure joy even without an audience.

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