Administrative court rules in favor of burger

Traffic circles instead of traffic lights make traffic flow more smoothly at many intersections. Despite doubts several years ago, they have been preserved and more and more municipalities are converting their crossings. The city of herzogenaurach is no exception.
Many cars drive into the city via bamberger strabe, or now also into the new commercial area. A future target is the werner-heisenberg-strabe. A traffic circle solves some problems. But a spinning top also costs money.
Since the owners of the adjacent and thus developed properties are also involved in road construction, the city sent one of the owners on werner-heisenberg-strabe a notice of advance payment for the tree removal. The burger resisted and appealed against the decision to the relevant district office. His argument: his land is not made accessible by the traffic circle, but rather it forms a fence. The district office followed its argumentation and overturned the decision of the city of herzogenaurach. The city filed a complaint against this at the administrative court in ansbach. In the written proceedings, the administrative judges ruled: the objection notice is lawful; the city cannot demand any advance payment or other contributions for the construction of the traffic circle from this land owner.
The question as to whether the plot of land is thereby opened up or just separated, was answered in the affirmative in the sense of the contradiction leader.