Class partnership of middle school and forderschule in rodental

Class partnership of middle school and forderschule in rodental

Demand for all-day programs at schools is growing. This applies not only to the regular school. The parents of children attending a ford school also increasingly want their children to be able to attend school in the afternoon. Since the beginning of the school year, the model of a partner class has been introduced at the middle school in rodental. It's going well, as principal susanne fritze assured the city's senate yesterday.

It was about children at the melchior franck school in coburg. "The parents wanted to continue the cooperation with the mauritius school also in the middle school", explains susanne fritze. The school board wanted to fulfill this wish, searched for a suitable middle school and found rodental. "It is well known at the school board that we are always open to new ideas," explains susanne fritze, woman the principal.

Young cooperation
This is how a cooperation with the mauritius school began. A fifth-grade class from the rodental middle school received a partner class from the same grade level at the mauritius school. Teachers from both schools work with the children.

Most subjects, such as sports, music, history and social studies, are taught together. Only in subjects such as german or math are some of the classes taught separately.
During the visit of the members of the city council from the school senate there is just a handicraft class. At first glance, there is nothing to suggest that children with special needs are taking part in the lessons.

However, more adults are available for supervision. Clay bowls are to be made from small snails. Even mayor gerhard preb (CSU) is amazed at how far the children have come after just one and a half hours, as he lets little julia show him how this pottery technique works. The supervision by several teachers is also of great benefit to the children who do not require special attention. The members of the senate are convinced by the model.

Supply is reaching its limits
But many children also need to be cared for when they stay at school over lunch. The cafeteria is very cozy, but it is slowly reaching its limits. "We serve 120 children here every day, explains susanne fritze. The food comes from the canteen of the company waldrich and everyone is enthusiastic about it. "There is always something fresh", the principal emphasizes. But they already have to eat in shifts because not everyone can find a place at one of the tables.

For the principal, it is clear: "if the city and the parents want even more all-day programs, then we have to come up with something." there are already expressions of interest from the seventh grade.
But not only in the cafeteria, but especially in the spuluche, the capacities are completely exhausted. "If we want to offer more, then we need a new room concept", mayor gerhard preb states. But right now, the town is a bit tight when it comes to financial resources. So it's either wait or develop your imagination.

Open wishes remain
Some thoughtful senate members love to show themselves rooms such as the math learning workshop, where the subject can be taught in a vivid way. Again and again they are told that there is a shortage of this or that item. The shelves come from the bankruptcy estate of a drugstore chain.
But improvisation is not always possible. So some wishes will probably remain unfulfilled in the future.

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