Clinic for cuddly animals opens three days in erlangen

A teddy bar clinic will be set up in erlangen’s castle garden next week. If a cuddly toy swallows a lego brick or burns its paw in a child’s cake, the 4. Up to 6. June to the consultation hours student teddy doctors the patients, announced the friedrich-alexander-universitat (FAU) on monday.

The teddy bar hospital, which is already being set up for the eleventh time, is intended to teach children in a playful way how a visit to the doctor works, according to a press release. It could take away possible fears and help them to build up trust in doctors.

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the little doll and stuffed animal parents should also learn about healthy nutrition and proper tooth brushing. The teddy-docs, who are all students of human medicine and dentistry and organize the campaign on a voluntary basis, can in turn learn to respond to the specific needs of children. In the previous year, 218 teddy-docs cared for a total of 1,000 children.116 cuddly toys, the FAU announced.

During a visit to the teddy bar hospital, a tummy ache, a sore throat or a broken paw are treated by experts. There’s contouring, ultrasound, a bandaging station and even an emergency operating room.

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