Controls for safety

Targeted checks are carried out on motorcyclists in the month of july. The bavarian ministry of the interior and integration initiated a bavarian-wide motorcycle safety campaign in july, particularly to reduce the number of accidents involving motorcyclists. Ten motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents on the roads in the area of the police headquarters in lower franconia in 2017. In nine of these accidents, the motorcyclist was mainly responsible and to be regarded as the cause of the accident, it says in a press release of the prasidium. In total, there were 614 accidents involving motorcyclists, in which 550 motorcyclists were injured, some of them seriously. The main cause of accidents continues to be excessive or inappropriate speed.
Due to weather conditions, the main accidents naturally occur in the months of april to october, especially on country roads in the lower franconia region.
The lamb load caused by motorcyclists is also playing an ever greater role. Particularly problematic is the fact that some drivers drive at very high speeds on the road and exhaust pipes are manipulated to make the "sound" to change. But the way he drove also played a role. In order to reduce the number of traffic accidents involving motorcyclists, to improve motorcycle safety in general, but also to combat the particular problem of manipulated motorcycles, the bavarian ministry of the interior and integration has planned a bavarian-wide campaign for the month of july.
In the context of the traffic controls the consequences of the disregard and the necessity of the traffic supervision are to be made clear to the concerning in particular. This should cause a change in behavior among motorcyclists and reduce the number of accidents. All lower franconian services will take part in the campaign and will carry out targeted traffic checks throughout july, it continues.

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