Csu gives clear signals

Csu gives clear signals

Bernhard panzer district administrator alexander tritthart described the ten points that he and the CSU in the district have set as a goal for the next six years as a good, but also challenging election program. It is a program that builds on the also ten points of the years 2014 to 2020. This, as the chairman of the parliamentary group in the district council, walter nussel, pointed out at the press conference in the novina hotel, could be worked off after only a few years, with the exception of one point.

This one point was the bundle of lines in the regional bus transport system. "We’ve completely revamped the opnv," says holger jahn, says county councilman tritthart. The offer is in the meantime substantially better than in other districts, and now it goes to the price. The district CSU wants to achieve nothing less than a 365-euro ticket for all users in the next six years. The free state has to go along with this, said tritthart.

As it has already happened. For in september, such a ticket for schoolchildren and trainees will be launched. For the first time, the state is giving a rough subsidy to the county’s revenue shortfall, the county administrator said. Nussel confirmed that such improvements in the opnv are also the goal of the minister-president. When bavaria has grown by two million inhabitants in the next two decades, the infrastructure and the corresponding offers are needed.

Strabe is also important

At the same time, this means that the CSU will continue to focus just as much on the strabe. The number of vehicles is not decreasing, said the deputy district chairman. That’s why the CSU is clearly in favor of the expansion of the A3 and also welcomes the bypass of herzogenaurach, for example. All other individual points can be found on the websites of the CSU and the district administrator.

Even before the "infrastructure" item in its election program, the CSU has traditionally positioned the district as an attractive place to live and do business. Here one wants to challenge young families, but also to further strengthen the location ERH in the metropolitan region, said the district administrator. Linked to this is also the area of education. In addition, the school buildings: the high school in spardorf is being rebuilt to the tune of 55 million euros, and the high school in hochstadt is still lacking a college stage building. Whether to build or renovate has yet to be decided.

The area of education also concerns the vocational school. The vocational school is to be realigned, in the interests of employers, so that students are "even better prepared for the job", walter nussel explained.

Of course, the protection of the climate has also been given its own item. Climate neutrality of the county before 2050 is one of the goals. Others are a day of the environment, which one would like to introduce, the participation in the model region hydrogen fuel cell or also the purchase of further ecologically valuable areas.

A clear yes to st. Anna

Tritthart’s CSU makes a clear commitment to the district hospital st. Anna in hochstadt. With its 80 beds, it is a small hospital and therefore has a hard time, but they want to establish it further in the competition. Cooperation with the university hospital in erlangen is also to be expanded to this end. 78 fire departments in the county, and a joint training center is to be created for them. The first funds for the planning are contained in the budget "now we wait for the wrangling about the location", said the district administrator with a twinkle in his eye.

And finally, there is still a clear commitment to farmers, as well as pond and forest farmers. "They need support, says the head of the district. The CSU is very interested in increasing the value of their property. It is not possible to simply take away space for the general public.

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