Cuba: dayami in babygluck

Cuba: dayami in babygluck

Uschi schmidt received the news via whatsapp that dayami had given birth to her child in cuba.

The 34-year-old was deported to her country of origin a few weeks ago. The circle of helpers in herzogenaurach had also criticized this because she was already heavily pregnant at the time. Mother and child are doing well, the boy is named christo lukas, it was announced.

Uschi schmidt also congratulated dayami’s fiance, who she said looks like his father. In the meantime, efforts to obtain the necessary papers continue. Because the two want to get married. But it is difficult, says the helper from herzogenaurach, to find out "which papers have to be obtained where and how to get the block on re-entry removed."

Every cent pays

In any case, every cent is still needed. The inflation rate in cuba is enormous. Dayami can’t be reached directly by cell phone either because her tablet has disappeared, schmidt says. But he is sure that "every cent donated helps."

Luiza also congratulates

A reaction also came from kazakhstan, where a family of three from chechnya has been deported to. Mother luiza sent kiss-smileys to the whatsapp-group for the birth of dayami’s boy. For luiza and her husband hassan, the situation in kazakhstan is difficult. Two daughters with families live in germany. They would like to go back there, says uschi schmidt.

And: "luiza still can’t understand that she can no longer take care of her seniors and that her training was not approved. She still hopes for a miracle." her husband hassan had meanwhile fallen into a deep depression.

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