Dax starts the first half of the year with a loss

dax starts the first half of the year with a loss

Only briefly did good news from vaccine research on covid-19 and US economic data provide some tailwind from wall street. At the closing bell, the german benchmark index was lower again at minus 0.41 percent at 12.260.57 points.

The day had started with delays: in the morning, a technical disturbance at the start had brought xetra trading on the german stock exchange to a standstill for around three hours. After that, trading for the dax was almost invariably in the loss zone. The mdax was a different story, buoyed among other things by strong gains in crisis winners such as food supplier delivery hero, battery manufacturer varta and cooking box mail order company hellofresh, with a premium of 0.93 percent at 26.080.66 payers closed.

The previous day saw the end of an extreme first half of the stock market year, which was marked by the corona pandemic with a drop of around 7 percent. In the second quarter, however, the stock market barometer recorded a substantial increase of almost 24 percent. In the month of june, the share price rose by a good 6 percent.

Investors are currently torn between fear of the economic consequences of another corona wave and hope for a continued recovery of the economy. U.S. Economic data published in midweek on sentiment in industry and on the private sector labor market also point to a recovery after the corona shock. In addition, positive initial study results from the german drug researcher biontech and its US partner pfizer raised hopes for a vaccine against the new coronavirus.

Among the individual stocks on the frankfurt stock exchange, airbus shares were among the winners at the end of the day after an initially weak price reaction, with a price gain of around one percent. The aircraft manufacturer wants to cut 15 aircraft worldwide due to the aviation crisis.000 jobs cut – 5100 of them in germany alone. The shares of the fashion group hugo boss, on the other hand, fell by almost two percent despite the news of the planned significant expansion of the online business.

The wirecard shares, which have now degenerated into a gambler’s stock, once again experienced turbulence. They lost 16.2 percent to 4.80 euros, after the price had more than quadrupled in the two preceding days compared with the closing price on friday. The payment processor, which is involved in a balance sheet scandal, will probably be broken up and sold. According to the preliminary insolvency administrator michael jaffe, numerous investors from all over the world have already signed up to acquire individual business units.

The eurostoxx 50 closed 0.17 percent weaker at 3228.45 points. Similarly high losses were recorded by the cac 40 in paris and the FTSE 100 in london. In new york, the dow jones industrial almost treaded water at the european close of trading.

The euro gained ground and last traded at 1.1258 U.S. Dollars in evening trading. The european central bank (ECB) had previously set the reference rate at 1.1200 (tuesday: 1.1198) dollars. The dollar had thus cost 0.8929 (0.8930) euros.

On the german bond market, the rex bond index fell by 0.18 percent to 144.97 points. Yield on circulation rose from minus 0.49 percent the day before to minus 0.45 percent. The bund future recently fell by 0.43 percent to 175.42 points.

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