Dilapidated road between lichtenstein and buch is being renovated and extended

Dilapidated road between lichtenstein and buch is being renovated and extended

Official requirements for associations, the beaver, the planned power line, broadband expansion and the road expansion contribution statute were the dominant topics at the panel discussion in the old school in lichtenstein, to which the CSU local association of pfarrweisach had invited. Markus oppelt, chairman of the local CSU association in pfarrweisach, received state parliament member and district chairman steffen vogel and district administrator wilhelm schneider (both CSU) as prominent speakers. You answered the burghers' questions. Councillors and other citizens from surrounding communities also attended the event.

District administrator schneider highlighted an ongoing local issue: the dilapidated connecting road from lichtenstein to buch. For 2.25 million euros, the 1.5-kilometer-long piece will be renovated as a full extension, he announced. The work is scheduled to be completed in 2020 and 2021.

Christoph gottel, a councillor from pfarrweisach and lifeguard at the kraisdorf swimming pool, considers it unacceptable that members of the lifeguard team had to take the silver lifeguard badge for a small swimming pool like the one in kraisdorf. Steffen vogel said that the pressure comes from the water rescue service; it is the water rescue service that makes the demands, not the state of bavaria. Due to the high demands and the necessary training, which was carried out on behalf of the water rescue service, this was also financially profitable for the water rescue service, he said.

Conditions are a burden for clubs

Gottel further criticized the many requirements for associations when they hold a festival. "Hygiene and safety are extremely pushed here", he stated. Vogel explained that only the community or the municipality is responsible for the hiring of securities and the number of security guards. "Don't let others talk you into it", he asked the club representatives. And when it comes to hygiene, the district office (health office) is responsible. District administrator schneider said that there had already been a number of smoothings in this area for the benefit of the associations.

Herbert och from rabelsdorf, a former councillor in pfarrweisach, spoke about the planned renovation of the road linking pfarrweisach and rommelsdorf to the B303. Whether the costs could not be borne by the county, because the county had given the road to the municipality? Schneider waved this off: this was not possible, the current owner was the municipality of pfarrweisach; however, a high financial demand would have to be negotiated here. "The municipality should not give up here", he said with a glance at councillor markus oppelt and mayor ralf nowak (ULB).

Beavers are digging everywhere: for gunda dirauf from kraisdorf, the animal has now become a plague. Her house and muhle are located near the river baunach and there are always blockages in the rake of the technical plant, she described. Short and long logs had to be taken out of the rake by hand again and again. The district administrator recommended consulting with beaver consultant wolfgang lappe in ebern. Lappe is the contact person for beavers on behalf of the district office.

On the subject of broadband expansion, schneider and vogel noted that the municipality must always negotiate with telekom – and not with the subcontractors. If there are problems with the subcontractors because of the execution of the work, the same applies here: "the contact partner is the telecom", emphasized steffen vogel.


Carsten prager from rommelsdorf has had a special experience with broadband expansion: he has to pay 2800 euros for a hundred meters of fiber optic cable plus a connection fee of 700 euros. The neighbor, who depends on a fast internet connection and lives only a few meters away from the distributor than prager, has already paid 4500 euros for his connection. The laying of empty pipes had previously achieved nothing, argued carsten prager. 

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