Everything under control after 20 minutes

Everything under control after 20 minutes

The fire departments of the municipality of schneckenlohe were called out to a rescue operation. After 20 minutes, deputy commander philipp graf could determine that the assumed fire was under control and an injured person could be handed over to the BRK.

Shortly before 18.30 o’clock the sirens in schneckenlohe, modlitz and beikheim alerted the fire departments to an assumed fire of an agricultural present in the coburger strabe.

The modlitz fire department was the first on the scene to begin the firefighting attack via an underground hydrant. At the same time, the firefighters from schneckenlohe began the loschangriff over their loschgruppenfahrzeug, while the firefighters from beikheim in the ruckwartigen area established a water supply. From a total of seven radiant tubes and 460 meters of hose material laid out, the fire was successfully fought and finally extinguished.

While the firefighting teams were fighting the assumed barn fire, rescue teams were searching for a missing person. This could be found in the adjacent area of the barn and brought out of the danger zone. Under the watchful eye of district fire chief weber, who acted as a training observer, the injured woman could be handed over to the rescue service. Mayor knut morgenroth and district fire inspector matthias schuhback thanked the fire brigades for their willingness to train and their efforts with a total of around 30 firefighters and the rescue service with seven helpers. According to mayor morgenroth, it is only by practicing together that the fire brigades become more and more confident in their handling and are thus able to help the population in a qualified manner.

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