Fight between turks and kurds in herne

Fight between Turks and Kurds in herne

"They had batons with them, slats," a police spokesman said on tuesday. In addition, a knife is said to have been displayed during the brawl on monday evening, but it was not used. According to the current state of the investigation, one person was slightly injured.

According to their own statements, the officers were on the scene with "strong forces" from the riot police, among others, in order to bring the situation under control. The officers had used pepper spray, the spokesman said. After the breakup of the brawl, the colleagues had shown their presence for a long time. Percussion tools and blank guns were seized.

In recent days, there have been several riots in north rhine-westphalia at kurdish demonstrations against the turkish military offensive in northern syria – for example, in herne on monday a week ago. Demonstrators attacked a kiosk and a turkish cafe.

There was no demonstration in herne last monday. According to police, groups had gathered outside the turkish cafe and a nearby cafe frequented mainly by kurds. The forces tried to prevent a clash. However, a part of the kurdish group got to the turkish cafe and there it came to the brawl. Police filed four charges, including breach of the peace and assault and battery. Several expulsions had been issued. The bochum police’s state security unit is investigating.

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