First goalscorer’s trophy for thomas eckert

First goalscorer's trophy for thomas eckert

Favorite club? "Of course the TSV forest window", says thomas eckert, who has been a member of the small rhon club for 25 years. The fact that the team was relegated at the end of the season does not throw the 31-year-old out of the race. Surely more than a consolation prize were the 23 goals in the A-class rhon 1, which were enough to win the goalscorer’s cup of the saale newspaper. Together with rene leurer from FC obereschenbach, by the way.

Congratulations on winning the torjager cup. What does this trophy mean to you??

Thomas eckert: thank you! Of course I am happy about it. I won it for the first time and I was close a few times before. But the goal would have been to keep the team in the league.

What goal did you start the season with??

I used to bet with a good buddy how many goals i would score during the season. For this year I had no personal goal. Maybe this was a good omen…

Why did it finally work out so well with the goal pushing??

Well, in the first half of the season, I was in a slump for seven games in a row. I am not used to that. If I had scored there, I would certainly have been able to do more in terms of keeping my class together. I scored most of my goals against teams that were in the bottom of the league table. We’ve only won three times, and they were all big wins. Then it went again as if by itself with the gate pushing. Maybe because the season was already over and there was no more pressure.

Do you remember a particularly important goal??

Well, I’m not the type for beautiful goals. But i scored my very first free-goal that season. This was only possible because the opponent was asleep and the free stroke was executed quickly.

Which characteristic would you like to have from which goalkeeper??

I find thomas muller impressive. He makes goals from really impossible positions, shifts in a flash and surprises the opponent – sometimes even himself. And he does all this with an incredible casualness.

Who is the better: ronaldo or messi?

I have respect for ronaldo’s discipline, but I don’t like his behavior on the pitch. What messi does in close quarters with ball and opponent is out of this world. I think they are different players, despite their scoring rate, and therefore not comparable.

Which fubballschuhe did you swear by?

Adidas copa mundial – classic black and white. I am not the type for colorful plastic shoes. I don’t feel that way in the fub.

Do you stay loyal to your club?

The TSV will probably have no other choice.

Goal-scoring for TSV waldfenster is like…

… A job. As a striker it is your job to talk about it. But it is also always a small feeling of happiness that you can share with the team.

To the good end: how does your jubilation pose look like??

I used to sprint and then jump up with a clenched fist. In the meantime, my condition no longer allows it.

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