Forchheimer stadtfest: satisfied organizers, delighted landlords and blocked streets

Forchheimer stadtfest: satisfied organizers, delighted landlords and blocked streets

"The courage to redesign the forchheimer stadtfest has been rewarded", innkeeper christoph kauer is pleased. After four sunny days in forchheim, the organizers draw a thoroughly positive conclusion. From ascension day to sunday, a wide range of music and events with eight stages and eleven food and attraction stands attracted numerous guests to the city center. "The party was glorious. The concept, which was aimed at everyone, has worked", stresses manfred schade of the "heimforteil" association of handlers. "The many visitors who strolled through the city center on thursday show that it was a very popular festival."

Peaceful festival in forchheim

The city festival has established forchheim as a "brand" made better known and the whole city benefits from it. Schade has many "unknown faces" the czech people presented a folk tale called "the coarse rube". This speaks for the fact that the festival has gained supra-regional fame. The varied program in particular sets the new town festival apart from other "overcrowded beer festivals" from.

New forchheim town festival concept: a colorful mix for big and small

The forchheim police are also very satisfied with the course of the city festival. The officers were hardly called into action and the festival was peaceful, explains robert schaffranietz of the forchheim police department. "The planning was a complete success. The family-run festival had a calmer pace – which is one of the reasons why there were hardly any disputes," emphasizes, confirms head of the public order department klaus backer.

Every day, employees of a security company were on duty to monitor the access roads and patrol the festival grounds. A small incident could not spoil the mood: on sunday smallest chunks fell from the historic town hall onto some benches at the town hall square. "But that hardly caused us any concern. We reacted very quickly in terms of security, dismantled the bank and cordoned off the area," says a pleased, explains backer.

Good mood and full streets for father's day

The bottom line is that the targeted programming had a positive impact on the atmosphere at the festival. "For us it was the first time that we have equalized a city center festival in such a way", said backer. In contrast to the former old town festival, the guests had already come to the festival grounds at noon on christmas eve. "It was really great", the head of the public order department is pleased.

"I have not seen the city so full for a long time", adds christoph kauer. He and his host colleagues are very satisfied, he says. "The innkeepers in the main street were rather busy at lunchtime and others were in a good mood in the evening, for example in the pharmacy street. Everyone has benefited from his concept, the landlord of the town pub finds.

Also the "flanierkrugla" were well received. "Many not only accepted the concept, but also took the krugla home with them." out of almost 2000 sold tickets, only about 600 came back. Speak: three quarters of the "flanierkrugla" the visitors took it home with them as a souvenir. "There are also many foreigners from the area nurnberg come. We received feedback from the guests that the many different types of music were particularly well received."

Street blocking criticized

Criticism brought however the road blockage around the market place with itself. Christian frank, owner of a butcher shop in hornschuchallee, denounced via facebook: "i'm thinking about how i'm supposed to drive through the marketplace and back and deliver to a confirmation for 50 people on sunday afternoon. Every entrance and exit is blocked or private land", writes frank and complains that he was not informed sufficiently.

Head of the public order office, mr. Backer, points out that the closed roads were advertised in the city gazette, among other things. On thursday, the closure of hornschuchallee was absolutely justified. "We reacted directly on friday and the street was open until the end of the festival", so backer. Security service employees had even stood in hornschuchallee to warn drivers to drive slowly past the venue. "Maybe next year we'll write again directly to all the tradesmen in the city center", rooms kauer.

Festival committee discusses suggestions for improvement

Already next week the festival committee will meet to discuss suggestions for improvement. One example: the midsummer temperatures had made life difficult for many visitors to the city festival, which is why shady spots were especially popular. An idea of kauer: possibly to install a sun sail at the market place, if such hot weather is to be expected again.

"On the part of the restaurateurs, we must also praise the good cooperation with the public order office, the food inspectorate and the city manager elena buttner", emphasizes kauer. The city manager of forchheim played a key role in organizing the city festival. Since buttner had a day off on monday, she could not be reached for a statement. "Elena buttner has always tried to find a solution and we have always found an open ear with her. It really is a jewel for the city", praises host christoph kauer.

The organizers would be pleased if in the future other tradesmen from the city center would participate in the forchheim city festival. Klaus backer emphasizes: "such a new city festival naturally only really grows with time."

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