From customer service to corona quick test station

From customer service to corona quick test station

Working with people is what is important to sina eckert. The 34-year-old normally works in customer service at the savings bank in ebermannstadt. For the past year, she has also been volunteering with the bavarian red cross (BRK). She accompanies events as a sanitater, she is also active in the rescue service. Since mid march, sina eckert has been released from her job at the sparkasse forchheim in order to devote herself fully to her duties at the BRK during the corona crisis.

She assists the testers of the health department in the morning and the testers of the KVB (kassenarztliche vereinigung bayern) in the afternoon at the corona rapid test station in front of the herder sports hall in forchheim. Together with the police and the volunteer fire department, several aid organizations and agencies, including the BRK, guarantee a safe and coordinated course of the corona tests there.

"It’s a great experience to see everyone working together in such a critical situation.", says eckert. The people who come to test are also consistently nice and very grateful, she says. "Some test subjects even put a sign in the front of their car saying ‘thank you’ or have hearts painted on them, because we are not supposed to talk to the test subjects, if at all possible," says ewald maier, she adds.

She is not afraid of infecting herself. "I feel optimally protected by the protective clothing", says sina eckert. Whether she has a special wish in times of corona? "Yes, i wish that the cooperation between the authorities, associations and aid organizations will continue to work so well and that the cohesion in society will continue, even after the crisis is over."

In addition to sina eckert’s personal support, the sparkasse forchheim has donated 2,000 euros to the BRK. "Especially in the current situation, we need to stand together in the region. We are happy to contribute to the necessary, meaningful and reliable work of the BRK", according to ewald maier, chairman of the board of management of sparkasse forchheim.

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