Grant application rejected

There is a gap in the financing of the interior and exterior renovation of the wirmsthal church. The catholic church foundation st. Johannes therefore made a grant request to the market, since it – also due to the corona crisis – can not close the gap alone.

The municipal council already approved two years ago a support and provided a further partial amount in prospect. The renovation costs currently amount to about 487000 euro. Euerdorf has contributed 200,000 euros to date and another 14,000 euros in the future. Another 6000 euros are still available, provided that the corresponding costs can be presented at the final accounting. The diocese contributed 180,000 euros. In the opinion of mayor peter bergel, it should be the first address for a further grant. But they make themselves a "narrow shoe", as he suspected.

Wirmsthal councillors edgar roder and bernhard herterich listed the renovation costs, which included the purchase of new loudspeakers and a ventilation system. As roder pointed out, a great deal of the foundation’s own work also went into the project. Herterich insisted on the commitment of 44 percent by the market, which still wants to pay out a residual amount.

Statute change for kita

Dieter brand recalled the church renovation in euerdorf. He argued that the church congregation of euerdorf had many more members than the one in wirmsthal. The amount of donations could therefore not be used as a yardstick. 375 euros per wirmsthaler believer was raised, based on the number of church members. The council rejected by a majority, and against the votes of the wirmsthal elected representatives, the proposal for a further contribution to the costs by the municipality, other than the one listed above.

A new version of the nine-year-old statutes for the municipal daycare center, the "haus fur kinder", has become necessary. For example, regular lunches and data protection were anchored in the articles of association. Elmar hofmann, however, felt that the term "inclusion" was missing from the in the set of rules, which he described as a "subversive influence" the motto was: "this child is too difficult, it must go away". Hofmann was able to report on this from his own experience and insisted that the idea of inclusion be included in the articles of association.

According to michael fell’s advice, the kindergarten management should think about the respective number of children from euerdorf and wirmsthal and take them into account first before accepting foreign children. The last fee increase was in the fall of 2015. An adjustment was also necessary. The council passed the bylaws against one vote.

For an emergency service and minor inspections for damage to the water supply and sewer lines in the administrative community, the board authorized the mayor to hire the most economical bidder. Submission is on 21. July. The company hell, which also carried out the renovation, is entrusted with the repair inspections of the renovated cemetery in euerdorf. For the relocation of graves whose useful life has expired, straightening and repairs are due 18 000 euros, which the body approved.

Almost 1000 euro will be returned

Further costs arose for the new town hall for the toilet partition walls in the amount of almost 4000 euro and for the construction cleaning costs (5800 euro). Additional payments are to be made for the missing position of the lettering "rathaus" in the list (about 1450 euro). It is probably a rarity that an addendum is in favor of the builder. In this case, it concerns the shading work for which the market has paid a "thousand euros" back up. The market town council approved the above-mentioned positions by a majority vote.

In order to inform the citizens, bergel plans a free "market bulletin to be issued. The draft offer of the monthly brochure provides for four pages. For the 650 pieces, the price is 178 euros. A site visit to the wirmsthal cemetery is planned for 31. July scheduled at 6 pm. This is also about access for wheelchairs and walkers.

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