In Gestungshausen, the water still has to be boiled

Whether the citizens of gestungshausen will soon be able to enjoy their tap water again without hesitation will be decided today, wednesday, during the course of the day. This was stated by mayor michael keilich (CSU) when asked.

Together with representatives of the health department the mayor was on site on tuesday. The laboratory results were not yet available, which would have provided important information about the nature of the contamination. "We have now cleaned the retainer, then the network will be rewound and re-examined to see if the load is still there", explained michael keilich. If a contamination can still be detected, it has to be cleaned again. Therefore, no exact date could be given yet for the warning.

How the drinking water could have been contaminated could not be clarified. An obvious source from which the germs could have originated has not been found. The germs, the municipality warns, can lead to diarrhea and other illnesses. Therefore, the water must be brought to the boil and then left to stand for at least ten minutes before it is used to prepare food or drink. Winding machines should be operated at a temperature of at least 60 degrees celsius. In addition, the municipality advised washing at least 40 degrees. To achieve adequate hand hygiene, plenty of soap should be used when washing hands.

As soon as the drinking water can be used again without hesitation, the population will be informed immediately, michael keilich assured. 

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