In the coburg district, exit restrictions are imminent

The incidence value of the coburg district is currently – as of 3. December – at 298.6. From a value of 300, the applicable safety measures must be tightened up. This is what the legislator wants.

Preparations are therefore already underway at the coburg district office. It is expected that – after reaching the value of 300 – there will be further restrictions, especially in the school sector and in public life. Concretely: alternating lessons already from the 5. The first grade (at present, this only applies from the 8th grade onwards). Year) as well as strict exit restrictions, as in the case of the lockdown in the spring.

It can also be assumed that the regulations concerning the school area are always made jointly for the city and the district of coburg. Everything else became chaos because many county schools also attend city schools.

Meanwhile, district administrator sebastian straubel (CSU) has made an appeal to the population. In it, he calls for contacts to be further reduced.

The appeal in the wording: "the infection paths in the coburg region are very diverse. We have therefore considered further measures to contain the corona virus. Unfortunately, the rising infection figures show that the outbreak continues to be very dynamic. I would therefore ask you to consider even more carefully than before which contacts, tasks or appointments are actually necessary. Even if it is difficult, the restrictions, especially on contact with others, are currently our only chance to keep the spread of the virus as low as possible. I appeal to every individual to make a contribution to this."

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