Isaf commander: we will continue to fight even after 2014

Isaf commander: we will continue to fight even after 2014

But: "if you’re advising an afghan battalion in combat, imagine yourself in combat," the u.S. General told the "financial times deutschland". "Here a distinction is made where there is almost no difference."

At the end of 2014, responsibility for security is to be fully handed over to the afghan army and police from the isaf protection force, which currently pays 130,000 soldiers. Germany is currently involved in the mission with just under 5,000 soldiers.

"The german special forces are very important for the training of the afghan army," said allen. Furthermore, the USA, germany, great britain and france had promised the afghans the deployment of national contingents. "We still have to decide whether we want to push them ourselves or help them push," said allen.

The isaf chief explained that afghanistan’s army and police should shrink. Although the current goal is to increase afghan security forces to just over 350,000, only around 220,000 to 230,000 afghans should be on duty later, said all. He shared concerns that reducing the size of the army could give the radical islamic taliban a foothold: "if you reduce a large army that was built up in times of conflict in the post-conflict period, there is a risk of instability."

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