Kauerndorf: the csu does not want a full extension of the state road

In the context of a local meeting, both have clearly taken a position.The matter is also becoming somewhat explosive, because building director siegfried beck from the state building authority will explain the advance acceptance again on monday evening at the meeting of the municipal council. There is also a letter from a burger (the BR reported). Finally, the agenda provides not only for a discussion but also, if necessary, for a resolution on this anticipatory acceptance.

The position of the CSU municipal caucus with the two deputy mayors heinz mosch and melanie schieber as well as municipal councilor klaus wollnik is clear. CSU local chairman stephan heckel-michel announced it at the local meeting also in the wording: "in the interest of all involved, the state building authority and the municipality of kodnitz, the road users, but especially also the affected citizens not only in the settlement, but also in the villages of kauerndorf and folschnitz are to be talked to eliminate the danger spots, but that with minimal intervention."

In plain language, this means that the CSU in the kodnitz municipal council is against a full expansion of the state road between folschnitz and kauerndorf. CSU local chairman stephan heckel-michel began by outlining the chronology of previous repairs to state road 2182, pointing to the resurfacing of the road in 2014 with the creation of a new concrete wall and sharp-edged granite curbs. According to former mayor stephan heckel-michel, this resulted in a narrowing of the roadway in one section.

In september 2018, the municipal council dealt with a serious accident that fortunately went off without serious consequences. The committee also received a proposal from the free voters’ group of folschnitz in the municipal council. The proposal to impose speed limits of 50 and 70 km / h, and at the same time to move the concrete crash barrier 1.5 meters to the east, to remove the sharp-edged granite curbs to widen the area and also to create possible passing places that can be used by road users, was met with undivided approval by all factions in the council.

CSU local chairman stephan heckel-michel continues: "the committee could not, however, come to terms with the demand of the free voters to begin immediately with the planning for the extension of the state road 2182, including the planning for an independent bicycle path." the suggested speed restrictions had been ordered by the district office – and in the part of the road where the accident had occurred, a speed limit of even 40 km/h had been imposed.

CSU local chairman stephan heckel-michel: "this inspection has already contributed to a noticeable decarbonization, because the specified maximum speeds are accepted and roughly adhered to. And there was also a positive side effect: there is less acceleration to the villages of folschnitz and kauerndorf, which also means less traffic noise and a lower arrival speed at the entrances to the villages."

In october 2019, soil explorations were carried out in the area of the state road to check whether a full expansion is possible. For this purpose, the road between folschnitz and kauerndorf was closed to all traffic for several days. CSU local chairman stephan heckel-michel: "i explained at the time that, on the one hand, we should keep an eye on environmental compatibility – on the other hand, no one is served if we get a straight stretch of road that tempts people to speed along."

For the former mayor, it would already be progress if the installed concrete wall were moved back a little further. According to kodnitz CSU councillors, the state building authority’s plans, now presented in july this year, go far beyond what was requested in the committee at the time. In the planning submitted, the entire state road between folschnitz and kauerndorf was considered, with the aim of achieving a roadway width of at least six meters and verges of 1.5 meters on both sides by the end of the project.

The CSU municipal council faction is unanimous: "should this be implemented in this way, then we have the never wanted race track. The current speed limit was probably dropped, after the local exits were fully accelerated, thereby with appropriate larmbelastung for the residential development there above the state road."

The reduction of the concrete wall by one meter is considered to be fully sufficient. In addition, the removal of the granite curbs and, under circumstances, a slight widening of the area in which these curbs were installed, as well as the retention of the existing speed restrictions.

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