Kronach district: van crashes into oncoming traffic on b303 – one seriously injured

kronach district: van crashes into oncoming traffic on b303 - one seriously injured

On monday morning, the fire department had to rescue a seriously injured driver from the wreckage of a pickup truck in the district of kronach. The car was about 8.10 o'clock collided head-on with a truck.

According to the initial findings of the police, the truck was driving on federal highway 303 in the direction of weidhausen when, for reasons that are still unclear, the oncoming van drifted into its lane shortly before the beikheim exit. The 57-year-old truck driver was uninjured, the 28-year-old passenger of the van suffered minor injuries. The accident was worse for the driver of the transporter. It took a long time and a great deal of effort on the part of the rescuers to get him out of his totally demolished vehicle. The severely injured 20-year-old was then taken to a hospital by rescue helicopter.

The property damage to the car was estimated at 15000 euros, that to the truck even at 20.000 euro. The federal highway had to be completely closed during the rescue work. In addition, the truck, which was standing across the road, lost considerable amounts of fuel, which had to be absorbed by the fire department.

Tank sealed

Emergency crews continued to seal the truck's full 1200-liter fuel tank, which firefighters said ruptured in the accident. It was learned that a company had already been dispatched to pump out the fuel.

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