Lecture on wild mountains in France

In the southwest of france, where the scent of provence can already be glimpsed, the alps rise once again in all their power to form the wildest and purest mountain range of the alps: the dauphine. The dauphine, which reaches a height of more than 4000 meters with the mountain massif barre des ecrins, is a unique area in the alpine region in the width of its valleys, in the variety of its mountains and the juxtaposition of flowery meadows, rugged rocks and torn glaciers. In large parts of the mountains there are no roads, settlements and cableways. This is to protect and preserve the original nature. The globetrotter richard schmitt from altenkunstadt has visited the dauphine mountains several times. He presents on sunday, 18. November, at 7 pm at the invitation of the rv concordia in the hall of the "krone" inn in its latest lecture with light pictures, the forderverein presents this fantastic mountain, which is treated as a stepmother in the german-speaking world. And that's not all: in another brief picture show, the mountaineer from obermain describes the ascent of mont blanc from val veny in italy to the french valley of the arve, which he succeeded in doing in 2019. Since all good things come in threes, he also takes the visitors on a hike in the binntal nature park. It is located on the upper rhone and in spring captivates with the magical blooming splendor of its meadows and alpine pastures.

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