Lichtenfelser in trouble before the cadi

3, 2, 1 one could remark to the incident with the 29-year-old lichtenfelser. It was summer, and once he insulted three policemen, then two, and for one of them he had unkind words.

The evening of the 10. August 2019 was a tough time for police officers and cab drivers. During his court hearing on tuesday, however, the man accused of insulting the police appeared calm and collected. The former student was clearly speaking his mind to the police.

Kicked over a bucket

The fact that the police went to the train station on the day in question had to do with the fact that the defendant had already attracted attention there. The lichtenfelser also remembered. Before the officers arrived, he had gotten into a fight with "some people and was in a rage". He had been roaming the countryside and "banging around".

A female police officer remembered very well how intoxicated he was. On the witness stand, she testified that the man had rioted at the train station and kicked over trash cans. Thus, the police had been misunderstood, and the man who had been apprehended was unruly and uncooperative. During the alcohol test he spat his mouthpiece and a foil on the ground. A test showed that one of the reasons for his behavior was the two alcohols he had in his system.

He did not comply with the reprimand issued against him. Although he left the station square, he sat down on a bench opposite and posed for the cab drivers. Winning poses. He also threatened to kill himself. "But I’m still here, he explained to the police officer interrupting her description. That earned him a ruffle from prosecutor frank dietze. "I apologized to the cab drivers, but I did it anonymously", according to the endzwanziger. When the police took him away, he continued with his insults even while still in custody. What he was capable of and what he intended to do to the families of the police officers, he loudly shouted, according to the witness. In addition, he had pushed the mattress in the smoke-out cell through the bars into the open air in order to block the door.

The defendant admitted that he had problems with alcohol. He had successfully completed several months of therapy in this regard. However, he also has a few entries in the federal central register, such as wearing the badges of anti-constitutional organizations. 105 daily sentences of 50 euros each, in total 5250 euros, demanded prosecutor frank dietze for the defendant’s behavior that night. He, in turn, was aware of the fact that anything over 90 days means an entry in the driver’s license. So he asked that this limit not be exceeded. Judge daniela jensch was supposed to accommodate him with 90 daily rates of 50 euros each.

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