Music marathon for seniors to be repeated

Music marathon for seniors to be repeated

The beginning of the "stagnant time" the hochstadter senior citizens’ advisory council took the opportunity to look back on a successful summer and fall event that will definitely be repeated next year.

At the end of august the "hochstadter sax’n" played in both hochstadter senior homes on. Five saxophone virtuosos from a subgroup of the town band played old hits. Old familiar things like "marina, "mexico" and capri-fischer was heard, the "bohemian dream" then formed the conclusion. As the leader of the quintet confirmed after the concert, a somewhat different program was rehearsed especially for this day. The "sax’n, who have been around since 2004, prefer to play swing music, because that makes the most fun with the saxophone.

The gremsdorfer blasmusik started their music round on a tuesday evening in august at the sankt-anna-home in hochstadt and ended on sunday morning at the 4. October at already quite chilly temperatures the music marathon in the BRK home. With a good 20 musicians, the musicians from gremsdorf were the largest group, and with a drummer and an additional large kettledrum, they were also very powerful.

Old hits, bohemian music, polkas and marching music delighted the seniors. Chairman reimund kratz was pleased at the time that his musicians, who come together not only from erlangen-hochstadt but also from neighboring counties, were allowed to play again. Beaming faces, applause, seniors singing along and the call for an encore showed that the events were well received.

Peter lorz, chairman of the hochstadt seniors’ advisory council, thanked everyone who brought joy to the seniors during this time. Anyone who wants to get involved in this area can contact him at any time.

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