Parking garage: verdict expected on wednesday

Parking garage: verdict expected on wednesday

May the new parking garage at the kulmbach hospital be built or not?? There is a building permit from the city of kulmbach, but it is not yet built. Because: a neighbor from albrecht durer street has filed a complaint against the two-million-euro project. Irina trukenbrod – and with her the whole neighborhood – believes that the parking garage has destroyed a beautiful, quiet residential area.

The action is before the administrative court of bayreuth. On monday the 2. Chamber with chairman otto schroppel at the head a picture of the location. One takes the slope property above the albrecht durer road in sight, runs the matthaus schneider road and the hagleite off.

The hearing is important for the judges, who want to know the dimensions of the building project and the distances to the neighboring houses. After the tour, all participants remained silent. No one dares to predict how the trial will turn out.

But it will not be long before clarity prevails. The verdict is expected at the hearing on wednesday in bayreuth.

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