Pictures of a friendship

In the hope of good weather, painters from the czech republic, poland and germany will once again be present with easel and brush at various locations in the district this week at the invitation of the erlangen-hochstadt/tarnowskie gory circle of friends, where they will capture special views and capture them on paper. Maria stawik-hohlriegel was responsible for the planning and the artistic direction of the project. The mutual international open-air painting takes place in the annual rhythm alternately in the polish partner county tarnowskie gory and in the county erlangen-hochstadt.
The aim of the open-air painting is to achieve a closer cooperation of the invited artists from the friendly counties, as well as the exchange of professional knowledge and techniques during the creation. Another goal is to popularize the architecture and natural beauty of the communities in the district of erlangen-hochstadt and in franconia through the artworks that are created during the outdoor painting. Furthermore, local cultural initiatives should be called for, as well as a presentation and active promotion of the towns and communities of the district of erlangen-hochstadt and franconia on the tourist and cultural map in poland, the czech republic and germany should be achieved, said maria stawik-hohlriegel.

The number of participants is increasing

It was necessary to make arrangements with district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) and the respective mayors, to find suitable locations with motifs for the painters, and to secure supplies. In addition, each artist receives a t-shirt with the inscription "artistic look with brush and easel. International outdoor painting june-june 2018 in the district erlangen-hochstadt."
The open-air painters are accommodated in the hotel rangau in dechsendorf, where they were also buried by manfred bachmayer, the chairman of the erlangen-hochstadt/tarnowskie gory circle of friends, and his deputy martin oberle. Bachmayer was pleased to note that the number of participants has increased since the first time in 2012. This action was created on the initiative of the circle of friends. In the meantime, the campaign has met with a good response in both counties, many contacts and friendships have been established, and artworks in the upper three-digit range have been created. The artists have become a close-knit community. From 8. Until 18. July some of them meet in poland and from 5. Until 10. August in the czech republic.

One week of unpaid vacation

One of the artists is paul gutle from herzogenaurach, who now lives in aisch and is participating for the third time. He is particularly enthusiastic about the landscape painting in watercolor technique. Therefore he is also enthusiastic about albrecht durer and his watercolors, especially the coarse lawn stucco.
Lenka and vladimir cisar have come to france from the czech republic. Both are participating for the fourth time. Vadimir is a teacher at the secondary school and teaches, among other things, history, while his wife lenka has studied engineering. He has nature and still life in mind and captures them on paper in acrylic and watercolor techniques. His wife lenka, as an engineer, has an eye not only for nature but also for architecture, which she depicts in watercolor technique. As a teacher, vladimir even took a week of unpaid leave to participate in this week: "this is the highlight of this year for us", he betrayed.
Professor edward kostka comes from wroclaw in today's poland. He began his studies in 1959 at the academy in wroclaw and later held a professorship there, where he taught graphics and design. His watercolors show landscape and architecture.
The accommodation is provided by the county, the food for the artists is provided by the municipalities in which the painting sessions take place. According to the participants, it will be an interesting week with many encounters.

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