Plotzlicher heart death: dfb doctor starts register

Plotzlicher heart death: dfb doctor starts register

"It is rather rare," tim meyer, team doctor for the german national team for eleven years, told the news agency dpa. The head of the institute for sports and preventive medicine at the university of the saarland, who also examined philipp lahm& co. Will be attending to the patient again as an internist, but still wants to get to the bottom of the causes scientifically. An online database has been set up in saarbrucken under the auspices of the german society of cardiology (DGK).

"We expect the register to give us a clear picture of the causes of sudden cardiac death in sports in germany," meyer explained.

Coaches, athletes, doctors and spectators can report sudden cardiac deaths in sports via SCD-deutschland (sudden cardiac death). A protected page leads to a questionnaire. The causes should be identified and researched to help improve prevention. "What do we have to look for??The question cannot be answered clearly at present," said meyer, who emphasized: "we are not primarily concerned with competitive athletes."

The district league soccer player is "ultimately just as dangerous" as the bundesliga stars whom meyer also coaches in the national team. The accidental deaths in the light of the world publicity, however, receive a special media attention. The 23-year-old muamba collapsed unconscious on the pitch in a match against tottenham hotspur in march, survived miraculously. According to his club doctor, jonathan tobin, muamba had been "really dead" for 78 minutes.

In 2003, 28-year-old marc-vivien foe from cameroon died of heart failure while playing for his national team in the confed cup. Spain’s sevilla FC international antonio puerta died at 22 three days after suffering cardiac arrest in a match. German professional axel juptner collapsed in 1998 after training with then second-division club carls zeiss jena and died a day later. The cause of the 28-year-old’s death was said to be myocardial infarction.

The "foe case" had been described by professor jiri dvorak, medical director of FIFA, as a "wake-up call. The world association now announced its intention to conduct a survey of cardiac arrest cases. The project is to be launched at a conference in may. "We have asked the team doctors of all national teams to cooperate in the creation of a worldwide database. Based on this, we can then carry out an analysis of the risk factors," dvorak explained in a FIFA statement.

There are also cardiac deaths in other sports. Handball player sebastian faibt died of heart failure at the age of 20 during a match for the german under 21 team. The risk is unevenly distributed between the sexes, with around 90 percent of those affected being male.

Meyer was also directly confronted with the problem for years with the national team. 43-time national team player gerald asamoah, now with second division top club greuther furth, lives and plays with the risk of a thickened heart muscle.

A defibrillator has been present at every professional match in a german stadium since asamoah was born. In general, football is a "leader" in prevention, emphasized meyer. An annual ultrasound examination of the heart is a requirement for every professional of the 1. And 2. Bundesliga in order to obtain the playing rights of the german fubball league (DFL).

It will probably take some time before the register of sports physicians in saarbrucken can produce concrete results for germany. "I can’t imagine that you can do it in less than two or three years. We need a few hundred cases for this," professor meyer estimated. Registers in the USA and italy have produced different results. In america a pathological thickening of the heart muscle was the most frequent cause of death, in italy however a pathological vergroberung of the right ventricle of the heart. There may be "country-specific distribution patterns," said meyer – and in germany, therefore, there may be "a different clinical picture.

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