Pressure mounts for resolution at u.s. Post ahead of presidential election

Pressure mounts for resolution at u.s. post ahead of presidential election

After concerns that financial cuts at the u.S. Post office could jeopardize the november presidential election, political resistance to austerity measures grows.

The house of representatives will discuss legal steps on saturday. At least six democrat-led states discussed lawsuits against the U.S. Government, the washington post reported. Post chief louis dejoy agreed to face questions from deputies at a hearing next week. Dejoy was appointed by the post’s supervisory board in june. He is a major donor to US president donald trump and his republicans.

After the house of representatives was recalled from summer recess, a republican senator, susan collins, also spoke out in favor of convening the second chamber of congress. Democrats have majority in house of representatives, republicans in senate. Both chambers are currently in a summer recess. Amendments passed by the democrats in the house of representatives still had to be approved by the senate. The republican majority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, has not yet made a statement.

Voting was also scheduled in the house of representatives for saturday. Democratic majority leader nancy pelosi had summoned the delegates back to washington on sunday. She explained that a vote should be taken on a ban on short messages in the postal service, which would put the offer below the level of the 1. January 2020 love.

As for the additional funding needed, there is currently talk of $25 billion for postal operations. The weibe house had previously conditioned its approval on an overall resolution to the dispute over aid to the u.S. Economy in the corona crisis, but recently backed away from that position.

The situation at the post office has become the center of attention in the past few days. With the corona pandemic, it is expected that many americans will resort to brieahl and not go to the polling station. The post office warned nearly all states it could not guarantee ballots would arrive on time – while dismantling sorting machines and mailboxes.

Democrats then voiced suspicions that dejoy was trying to obstruct the brieahl. "The president is clearly trying to sabotage this election," connecticut state democratic attorney general william tong told the CNN news network. "We are in a national crisis," democratic senator cory booker pointed out.

Following the criticism, it was announced that the dismantling of mailboxes and sorting machines would be halted until the election. Trump defended the cuts as an attempt to stop losses in the government postal service. "The post office has lost 78 billion dollars in a short period of time," trump told the fox news channel. "She was terribly led, and we are correcting that."Later trump expressly rejected the accusations. "I have instructed everyone to speed up the mail, not to slow down the mail."

In addition to dejoy, the head of the post office’s board of directors, robert duncan, will also take questions from deputies in the house of representatives’ committee on oversight and reform on monday of next week. They were subpoenaed last week.

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