Reinhold stark led for the last time

Reinhold stark led for the last time

The fans of cultivated instrumental orchestral music living on the obermain became aware once again at the autumn concert in the pater lunkenbein hall on sunday evening what a jewel the ebensfeld music association is after all. About 350 listeners were offered a varied program from legendary film music to musical works to rock sounds.

Italo-western-movie-music by ennio morricone, the one from "the life of brian well-known song "always look on the bright side of life" or the waltz "by candlelight – already the prelude of the concert with the 40 musicians paying wind orchestra could be heard. The ensemble also took the audience on a journey to africa with a medley of songs from the children’s film "the jungle book". As lively and cheerful as the musicians played, the audience saw bar baloo and mogli dancing through the gymnasium in front of their eyes, as the melody to "try it with gemutlichkeit" played sounded.

Young musicians and "bloos A-minor

The participation of the junior orchestra U25 as well as the adult brass class "bloos A-minor" can also be described as successful, who in the further course of the concert helped to shape a part of the concert. Among other things, they presented "bohemian rhapsody" by queen or musical excerpts from the musical "phantom of the opera.

Whoever makes a speech at the autumn concert, where the music sets the pace, will therefore be brief. This unwritten law was also adhered to by mayor bernhard storath, who expressed his appreciation for the performance of the musicians and their importance for the social life of the obermain region: "the song ‘die sonne geht auf’ (the sun rises), which the wind orchestra also plays today, is apt, because the orchestras of the music association also spread a good mood with their performances", he praised.

"You can tell that the musicians of the club are always concentrated, but they also take great pleasure in what they do", said the chairman of the north bavarian music association, horst sunkel.

Who turned the clock, is it really that late already?? This song line from the credits of the TV cartoon series "the pink panther, the melody of which was also played by the wind orchestra, came to the mind of many an audience member as the concert drew to a close after three hours that seemed to fly by. As an atmospheric finale, all three orchestras of the music association performed together with the abba song "the winner takes it all". Lisa weidner convinced here successfully with accompanying vocal interlude. The audience was very pleased, demanded "encore" – and was not replaced, was still allowed to implement the "winnetou"-film music, a waltz piece and "what a wonderful world" enjoy.

Presenter benedikt kruger, himself a trumpet player in the wind orchestra, contributed to the success of the evening.

The music in ebensfeld was dominated by

At the end of the concert, however, there was also a drop of bitterness that the music association had to swallow for a while: reinhold stark resigned as conductor of the wind orchestra at the end of the concert. To step up to the microphone and announce this was certainly not an easy task for the chairman of the ebensfeld music association, rudi dierauf. Stark has decided to take a step back, and that is to be respected, says dierauf. After three and a half years with reinhold stark as conductor, a relatively short era is coming to an end, but one that has greatly influenced music in ebensfeld," he praised. "He has given many impulses in his time as conductor and has steered the music and us musicians in a new direction, contributing with unbelievable strength and exemplary elan, so dierauf. "I’ve said it several times, and I’ll say it again now: he’s the best conductor I’ve ever had the privilege of playing music under", praised the chairman exuberantly. Dierauf had to struggle for composure a few times in his speech, which he concluded with the words: "dear reinhold, thank you for everything."

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