Respect for service to mankind

Respect for service to mankind

The caritas association for the district of kronach has been in existence for 40 years. In the context of the jubilee year, an anointing of the sick service took place in zeyern. Invited by regional dean thomas teuchgraber, the caritas social station steinwiesen and the parish council of zeyern.

The social station offered a transport service to the church, which was gladly accepted. Numerous seniors came to the service in the parish church of st. John the baptist. Leonhard to receive the sacrament of strengthening. Regional dean thomas teuchgraber gave everyone a heartfelt burial – especially the newly ordained deacon markus grasser as well as the new pastoral assistant for the pastoral area of kronach, sarah-maria rock-damschen, who joined in the service. In his sermon, the regional dean explained how fitting it was that the 22. September deacon markus grasser celebrated his first service as a deacon in the pastoral area of kronach in zeyern with the sick and joyfully proclaimed the gospel for the first time. A deacon, for example, promises at his ordination to spend his life caring for the poor, the sick and the needy. He thanked the employees of the social station in steinwiesen for putting this basic ecclesiastical principle of service to the sick and weak into practice in their work. For this, he expressed his deepest respect and appreciation to them.

The pastor strengthened the service participants with good words to better bear the burdens of everyday life and aging and administered the sacrament of anointing of the sick.

The head of the social station, brigitte wunder, as well as employees of the caritas social station steinwiesen recited the prayers for the fur and the invocations especially in case of illness, which are prayed during the daily sacramental procession in lourdes.

Afterwards the guests went to the autumnally decorated parish hall, where beate kotschenreuther and the parish team had already prepared everything for a cozy coffee drink. Many happy faces and shining eyes were to be seen. All those present were very happy to be able to get together again and exchange ideas, even if their paths had perhaps already diverged a little due to age. The helpers were also very happy about the all-round successful celebration and about having brought joy to their fellow human beings.

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