Right-wing populist strache prepares comeback in austria

right-wing populist strache prepares comeback in austria

Barely four months after his departure from the political stage in austria, former fpo chief heinz-christian strache is preparing his comeback.

The 50-year-old announced thursday evening that he wants to come back at the head of a new citizen movement, initially at the state level. "Before you make a final decision, you also have to do all your homework," strache said, not yet making a final commitment. The EX-fpo chief spoke to about 1000 enthusiastic supporters at the new year's reception of the new party the alliance for austria (dao).

Strache is seen as a possible top candidate for the fall parliamentary elections in vienna. The party was founded by members of the provincial parliament who left the fpo because of its dealings with strache. The fpo has meanwhile expelled its ex-chairman from the party. The break was prompted by the ibiza video and, above all, the expense affair. Strache allegedly damaged party coffers by submitting private invoices. He denies this. The judiciary investigates.

The expenses affair, which became public a few days before the national council election in september 2019, cost the co-ruling fpo a lot of votes, according to election researchers. Right-wing populists plunge from 26 to 16.2 percent. The conservative ovp has now entered into a coalition with the greens.

Strache squared off with the fpo and his former political departures. They were false friends, he said. The fpo is in a dispute over direction and apparently wants to develop into a second conservative ovp, strache said. "I was the fpo for 14 years," strache pointed out of his service to the right-wing populists, whom he led out of a massive crisis and into government.

The former top politician professed his commitment to the fight against political islam and against immigration, as expected. "We do not want to become a minority in our own homeland."Strache sharply criticized the dominance of the climate issue in the political debate. "A real emergency looks different from this cheap populism."The prevailing discussion on climate change meant that real problems in social and security policy were no longer being adequately discussed.

The ex-vice chancellor, who was toppled over the ibiza video, had on 1. October announces his departure from politics. It was supposedly the last act of a career crash that had begun in may with the release of the video. Strache appeared to be prone to corruption when speaking to a supposed russian oligarch-niche. Strache again said that the video was a "manipulatively edited film".

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