Sharing worries and notes

Sharing worries and notes

His boxes haven’t all been unpacked yet, but he’s already set up his study: since the beginning of september, alexander berger has been the new chaplain of the parish community of st. Hedwig in the parish house of kitzingen. Next weekend, the young priest will be ordained at the sunday service in the parish church of st. Johannes officially introduced.

The 29-year-old was born and raised in aschaffenburg, germany. He studied theology in wurzburg and vienna, after which he completed his studies in the parish community of st. Vienna. Laurentius am spessart in marktheidenfeld his diaconate internship. He will now spend three years in the parish community of st. Hedwig. Hedwig to gain his first experience as a priest and participate in pastoral care.

Through rain’s herbert baumann, who was for many years the pastor of the town of kitzingen, the young pastor learned a lot about his new field of work while still in seminary. "He told a lot about his former parish," reports the new chaplain. He knows the current city pastor, manfred bauer, from his home parish, where he completed his diaconate internship ten years ago. To the members of the parish community st. Hedwig is also not unknown to the people of aschaffenburg: in may, they were able to experience him for the first time in the deanery center, where he sang a little serenade at the primiz of his friend and priest colleague johannes werst.

In the next three years, alexander berger would like to be there for the people on the ground. "I want to live with them, share their joys and sorrows, and bring them before god together," he says. His wish is "that we are church here together". One of his main focuses will be youth work in the parish. As an active member of the parish youth, he has experienced "how much joy it is to live the faith together with others. This "joy of faith" he wanted to pass on to other people.

"Joie de vivre" and "joy of faith" – they go together for the young pastor. "I’m interested in many things," says berger. He loves music, plays the guitar and has already sung in several choirs. He also "loves to read". He doesn’t play soccer, but he’s "passionate about watching" the game. In general, contact with others is important to the 29-year-old, and he is always open to a conversation. "It would be great if I could be accepted here," he hopes. "Because i wanted to live with the people here."

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