Silent center should speak

Silent center should speak

Shortly after the federal elections and one year before the state elections, the questions asked by the tourism and congress service on the weekend are not without danger: where does bavaria stand?? What is going well in the free state, what can be improved?? And where do we want to go together? The bavarian state government wants to receive answers from 30 citizens from bamberg and the surrounding area for the so-called citizens' report 2030.
"The participants of the citizens' conference help with their commitment that the rulers make the right decisions for the people – that is, for all of us", mayor christian lange (CSU), who will give the opening speech on saturday, is looking forward to the event.
The composition of the citizens' conference is remarkable. As margit aufterbeck, the project manager at ifok, the company running the event, explains, the aim in selecting the participants was to obtain a good, colorful mix of society – i.E. Men and women with and without a migration background, from all educational backgrounds and age groups. 500 citizens were randomly selected by the registration authorities and invited to participate by letter. For bamberg, around 60 men and women had registered, of whom 30 were selected accordingly. "By this procedure one also gets the silent middle and not only the persons who always speak out of their own accord", says margit aufterbeck.
Each of the eight citizens' conferences will deal with different topics. The event on saturday and sunday in bamberg will discuss education, migration and integration, work and social security in old age, and citizen participation in the future.

Democracy in action

Mayor Christian Lange attaches great importance to the two days: "what will be worked out this weekend will not be a paper that will gather dust in some filing cabinet and be forgotten. No, it will be the basis for a rough online participation of all citizens of bavaria." for him this event was "democracy in its purest form" and at the same time it will be the start of the jubilee year. "In 2018 and 2019, we will celebrate two anniversaries: 200 years of the free state of bavaria and 100 years of the bavarian constitution", explains long.

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