Spectacular footage from the cold north

Spectacular footage from the cold north

Rough climate, wildly romantic landscapes, archaic scenes: iceland has its very own charm that inspires artists again and again. And of course photographers.

Bianca ullrich belongs to the latter group. The photographer from the district of kronach has traveled to the island in the cold north and brought back impressive pictures.

These – all in black and white – will be presented by bianca ullrich from saturday, 25. January, in the "fritz" shopping center. The official opening is at 11 a.M. The exhibition can be visited until 28. To be visited in february.

Volcanoes and waterfalls

The avid photographer loves to travel, the nordic countries around the polar circle are her favorite, especially iceland with its volcanoes, black lava beaches, water spouting geysers and spectacular waterfalls. So in 2018 she traveled the island for the third time and now presents her 48 most exciting images.

Initially, she went on a package tour, but realized relatively quickly that the country would rather be explored spontaneously. That's why she went on a journey in 2016 with her boyfriend, a landing van and a tent and got to know many breathtaking places in the highlands. In october 2018, another trip to iceland followed, this time in a camper van.

Bianca ullrich is 31 years old and comes from the district of kronach. She works as a special needs nurse at a center for people with autism. In 2019, she photographed a landscape image for the cover of the book "a colorful story". This shows the exciting phenomenon of the polar circle – a polar light.

The globetrotter has enjoyed photography since her youth. In 2019 she met like-minded people on the internet and joined the photo group "rosenkreuzer" with. There all members exchanged their knowledge and learned new techniques from other photographers. She was particularly fond of taking pictures in the great outdoors.

With her two cameras, the sony rx1 and the alpha 7, the adventurous photographer is always well equipped. Now, with her exhibition, she would like to share her journey with others and show them the impressive iceland in all its facets

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