Tarpaulin for hallstadt market barn optimized

Tarpaulin for hallstadt market barn optimized

The heart of hallstadt's new center already has a clear face – at least in the architects' illustrations. Now the interior is also gaining in contour. The architecture office schettler& wittenberg from weimar has incorporated changes and suggestions for improvement into his plan and presented it to the people of hallstadt.

The design has been optimized, especially with regard to a clear separation of the various future functions. The first floor will be used exclusively for the store, with the associated staff rooms – which were initially planned for the upper floor – and the store manager's office. The upper floor will now be the "culture floor" the aforementioned large hall together with the associated ancillary functions such as kitchen, checkroom and toilet facilities are occupied. The entrances to the two areas – the market and the hall – are also clearly separated. This should allow both uses to be operated independently of each other. But an elevator will make all levels, from the underground parking garage to the culture floor, accessible without barriers.

Flexible sales areas
The architects have also incorporated wolfgang groll's ideas and suggestions. The management consultant is in charge of the local shopping project on the site of the former rewe market, which has since been demolished. For example, it should now be possible to flexibly arrange special sales areas in the entrance area (such as bakery products with a bistro or a fresh meat/fish/delicatessen counter). At the same time, the glass facade should remain free of fixtures or advertising to ensure an unobstructed view into and out of the store. Neighboring concerns were also taken into account in the design of the building's exterior. The previously planned staircase between the warehouse and staff rooms on the upper floor can be dispensed with thanks to the new structure.

Because the staff rooms are being moved downstairs, the "culture floor" is growing. The flat areas will be used to enlarge the checkroom or kitchen, for example, and the hall itself will grow slightly to a capacity of around 350 to 360 people.

Foyer separately usable
The foyer will now be used separately for exhibitions or receptions. A new backstage area should also be multifunctional, with flexible connections to or separation from the hall.

Because the area previously planned as the entrance hall to the market is now only the entrance foyer for the "culture floor" is, we can also dispense with various expensive fire protection measures. Six additional underground parking spaces can be created in the basement by moving the staircase to the hall and reducing the amount of storage space not needed.

Exchange of blows in the city council
The presented optimization concept was approved by the city council with 14:5 votes. Fundamental criticism came from thomas soder (CSU): "we don't know for whom or what we are optimizing." so far there is neither an operator for the market nor a concept for the cultivated area. "If they evade all working groups, it is easy to claim that nothing is happening", countered mayor markus zirkel (SPD).

And second mayor ludwig wolf () added: "we are already further along." after that there will be an information event. Udo hoffmann (SPD) was pleased about the changes: "it's nice to save money and have more benefits." edgar stark (CSU) had a few more suggestions and wanted to know if it would also be possible to optimize the optimization. We can certainly add to the details," markus kraus from the building authority told him.

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