The b287 will soon be passable again

He could not and did not want to specify an exact time, because there was still a lot of work to be done this morning. He also needs "green light" from the forestry authorities.

On tuesday, workers of the construction company josef fell had cleared parts of the road in the direction of the golf course. Two trucks and an excavator were used in the process. Nearly 30 unstable trees that forestry experts had marked were felled for safety reasons. According to stefan zehe, this also has other advantages: more light falls on the road and it dries out much faster, especially in winter.

The road had to be closed on both sides on friday for safety reasons, because falling trees had blocked it. Others had lost their footing in the sodden earth and were in danger of toppling over. In addition, the water had loosened individual coarser stones. The state building authority in schweinfurt, as the carrier of the road construction load, had reacted without delay.

Not only commuters but also the residents of garitz are pleased about the opening of the B 287. Since the closure, countless cars have been crossing the road, obstructions and traffic jams were unavoidable. Especially as cars parked on both sides of the road have led to several bottlenecks.

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