The “unknown object” is a fire basket

the 'unknown object' is a fire basket

At the pensioners’ table in the brewery heller, wulff was not an issue. Politicians and their mistakes – that’s an old song, and it calls for experienced "stammtischler" hardly out of the reserve. This, however, was achieved by a completely different contemporary, kerns thoma from herzogenaurach, because he bothered his colleagues with a very strange achievement and created a special kind of guessing game.

Now that the leap into the new year is made, has also drawn the ratsel. The strange metal fab, which the thoma had drawn at the christmas party of the ASV herzogenaurach (the FT has reported), is identified. A reader of the FT internet site has helped mabgeblich.

The writer with the pseudonym "sauermic" has still in the last minutes of the old year daruber brains and at 23.22 o’clock his tip written into the net. And it goes like this:"… So as it looks..
.. It can actually only be a (garden) torch that is filled with burning paste. The lid is simply put on to loschen."

So a garden torch it was, more precisely a fire basket made of metal. A googled photo clearly identified our unknown loose object (ULO). The thoma can be satisfied now. He wanted to know in the first place only, what he has actually already drawn there.

And do you really need something like that? The thoma says no. If someone has a use for it, he should come forward, he suggested. His colleagues at the pensioners’ table went one step further. "He should auction it", was advised. And openly at the heller. So that the fun with the funny thing may go on.

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