The wall gets seat covers

Unanimously, the board decided to choose a variant in which the roof's ruck-like beams are placed behind the sandstone wall that will run along the planned indentation. This will make it possible to create wooden seats on the wall and it will not be necessary to install a bench. The bulge for the bus stop will be 6.50 meters wide, the waiting house will have a width of five meters.
The bone of contention at this point remains the crossing aid over the main road. At the april meeting, mayor alfons hartlieb (CSU) had already reported on a complaint from a resident who felt that the use of his residential and commercial property was being impaired. He is now demanding the complete removal of the crossing aid and has therefore also appealed to the petitions committee of the state parliament. "The differences can no longer be bridged", the mayor wants the city council to know. Hartlieb again pointed out that "the hall is an agricultural building" and no commercial hall is. "In addition, the crossing aid is a matter for the tramway authority and not for the municipality." at the time, the municipality had gratefully accepted the offer to set up a crossing. Since from september the stettfeld elementary school children will be going to school from the bus stop in the center of town and no longer from the fire station as before, the council saw it as an important safety aspect for the children.
In addition, the mayor informed that from 31. July the main road will be fully passable again. Sewer work will begin in september in rudendorfer weg.

Awning for the playground

the playground equipment at the toracker playground is permanently in the blazing sun. Some parents had expressed the wish to the municipality to remedy this situation. This will be done as soon as possible. Sun sails are now to be installed in the area of the sandbox and the nest swing. The administration was instructed to obtain appropriate quotations and to organize the procurement of the two sun sails.

Water statutes

in the meeting of march, the municipal council had decided to change the contribution and fee statutes for the water supply. In the process, retroactive to 1. January the water price increased to 90 cents per cubic meter. The legal supervision of the district office had now determined that the text passages to be changed in the amendment statute were misquoted. However, a correction is only possible through the enactment of new bylaws. Since only the numbering of the paragraphs and the price of water had changed, and the citizens had already been informed of the new price of 90 cents, the new decree was also retroactive to 1 january 2009. January possible. Council unanimously approved new bylaws.

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